Reconnecting With My Love of Sports

I love watching and playing sports and I really have not done enough of either since moving from Chicago. Seeing St. Louis Blues winning the Stanley Cup, something I was never sure I would see, reminded me how much I have missed sports.

Baseball is my favorite sport to watch, but hockey has definitely made a come back. I have been trying to catch all the Cardinals games I possibly can since writing about my goals a few weeks ago. I am also still obsessively putting on my Binnington jersey, that I purchased to celebrate the Blues first Stanley Cup, everyday and I am eyeing the schedule for 2019-2020.

Additionally, I am going to make it to a Yankees and Mets game before the end of the season because I need to check out all the MLB stadiums. Currently, I am only 9 for 30… ouch. If I can get into the double digits by the end of the year that would be brilliant!

Playing sports though, has been more challenging to pick back up. Soccer holds my heart there and always will. The thrill I would get running down the field to dislodge that ball out from under my competitor, there is nothing like it. Defense was my primary position, since I am usually bigger than the offensive players. I think I should buy a new ball and find a field to get my toes wet again.

How are y’all keeping to your goals?

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