Solar Eclipse

As I explained early on in this blog, I am an astronomer and educator, so occasionally that content might appear in this blog. Well, now is one of those perfect times for it! Tomorrow is an amazing and rare astronomical event for those of us in the States. We will experience a solar eclipse. Solar eclipses typically occur up to 5 times per year. However they are only visible from very specific locations on the Earth. This solar eclipse will be visible across the US It is something you have to try to get outside and experience if you can! #FingersCrossedForExcellentWeather

Total vs Partial Eclipse

For some it will be a total solar eclipse, meaning the Moon will completely block the Sun in our sky, and others will see a partial eclipse, meaning the Moon will cover only a portion of the Sun. Partial solar eclipses com in 2 forms. The first looks like the Moon when it is between its New and Full phases. The second is called an annular eclipse , it appears as though the Moon is not large enough to block out all of the Sun. This displays a ring of the Sun’s light in the sky.

Really, everyone in the continental US will see at least the partial eclipse, but only those in what we call the path of totality will see a total solar eclipse. To check out how the eclipse will appear to you follow this link and enter your location in the search feature on the right-hand side of the screen.

Image result for NASA solar eclipse totality vs partial

Image credit: NASA


How to View the Eclipse

I am sure you have heard this before, but just to repeat it because it is very important, DO NOT LOOK DIRECTLY AT THE SUN! It is not healthy for our eyes to look directly at the Sun. Even with sunglasses you should not look directly at the Sun. To view the eclipse you could pick up a pair of solar viewing glasses, see NASA’s recommendations for solar glasses.

You need to beware that not all solar glasses being sold are safe to use. However, since the eclipse is tomorrow and I know we sold out at the museum before the weekend, chances are you will not find a pair in time. If you have a pair, please share! You do not need to be staring up at the sky for hours, so share those solar glasses!

No worries, you can still enjoy the eclipse! Pinhole projection allows us to indirectly view the eclipse safely, something I remember doing in school during a partial eclipse. Also, it is affordable because you can literally just use your hands! NASA also has a brilliant page describing how to enjoy the eclipse through pinhole projection.


Share your experience!

Let me know how you have taken the opportunity to enjoy some time outside with your colleagues or family before the Summer comes to an end in a month (Autumnal Equinox or the first day of Fall is September 22, 2017) or in the case most US academic calendars, this week! Its great to be an adult out of school. Expect to see me sharing my experience via Instagram. Happy and safe solar viewing!


Farmer’s Market Inspiration

Since my move, I have been enjoying the local farmer’s market a lot more. This farmer’s market is open 3 – 4 days a week YEAR-ROUND! I love it! Plus, it is so close to our apartment that I can bike to it in about 20 – 25 minutes. With this amazing resource, we have been eating plenty of vegetable-heavy meals and I thought I would share them with you this week.

Baked Beans on Roasted Potatoes with a Soft Boiled Egg


For this, I roasted 2 potatoes sliced into wedges, soft boiled an egg and made Brand New Vegan’s Baked Beans in our new Instant Pot, but I substituted 1/4 cup maple syrup for the 2 sweeteners in the recipe. It was plenty sweet for us with half the amount of sweetener and we both felt that the Costco maple syrup was a great addition to the flavor. I picked up the potatoes ($1/lb), peppers (50¢), onion (50¢) and free range eggs ($1.75) from my farmer’s market. The navy beans I was able to grab from the co-op down the street from the market. All you need to do is pour 3/4 – 1 cup of the beans over your potatoes and slice your egg over the top.

Peach and Blueberry Chia Seed Pudding (as seen on Instagram)


Chia seed pudding is so easy and perfect for the days I commute 2 hours to work. To make it I just grabbed an old glass peanut butter jar I use for storage now and put one chopped peach, an ounce of almonds, 2 tablespoons chia seeds, 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon, 1 cup unsweetened soy milk and filled it the rest of the way with blueberries. Shake it up really good and let it sit in the fridge overnight for a great breakfast in the morning. The peaches ($2.75 for a peck), blueberries ($3/lb) and raw almonds ($5/lb) are from the market.

Mixed Fruit and Yogurt


Another way we have used the new Instant Pot was to make yogurt. We could not believe how easy this was, nor how much better it was than store bought yogurt. Yes, it does take time, but it is mostly hands off time and you can make it while you sleeping or are at work. I enjoy taking a cup of yogurt and adding in peaches ($2.75 for a peck), nectarines ($2.75 for a peck), cherries ($3/lb), blueberries ($3/lb) and whatever fruit I get my hands on at the market.

Chinese Five Spice Veggie Balls with Zucchini Over Ramen Noodles

This is the one dish took work, mainly because it was the first time I prepared it and I made it up from different recipes I found online. I was trying to make veggie balls like the ones you can get at IKEA, but with an asian flare. I used 1 cup leftover brown rice, 1 cup cooked beans, 1/2 cup nut meal (this, oats and rice are great options to make meat ball or meat loaf type things gluten-free by the way), a chopped onion, a chopped red bell pepper, 1/2 cup corn, 1 cup chopped kale steamed, 2 tablespoons ginger, 1 tablespoon garlic, a lot of spices and salt and pepper to taste. I recommend picking up a Chinese 5 spice mix to simplify things.

Then, I sautéed the vegetables with the spices and then combined the beans and vegetables in the food processor for a few pulses. Using a cookie scoop, I made 1 inch balls and baked them at 350 degrees for 30 minutes, making sure to rotate/flip them half way through. I placed them with some roasted zucchini over ramen noodles tossed with hoisin sauce, sesame seeds and green onions. Its not the prettiest, but for my first try at making these they were not too bad. I have some adjustments I plan to make. I picked up the onion (50¢), pepper (50¢), corn (5 ears for $1), zucchini ($1 for a 2 ft long zucchini), green onion ($1 per bunch) and kale ($2.50 per huge bunch, its double the size of the bunches I have picked up from Whole Foods) from the farmer’s market.

Chickpea and Eggplant Burger Salad with Tomatoes, Beet Hummus and Chèvre


I picked up romaine (3 heads for $1), eggplant ($1), tomatoes ($1 for a basket of 5 medium sized tomatoes), beets ($1 for 5) and locally produced chèvre ($8 for 8 oz) from the market to recreate the burger I told you about from Atlanta. I decided to put it into salad form though because they were out of the bread I love and I got a sweet deal on some romaine.

I started by soaking 1 cup dried chickpeas for at least 24 hours. In a food processor, I pulsed my well soaked chickpeas, 1 cup nuts, handful of fresh parsley, a few sprigs of fresh mint, 1 tablespoon cumin, 2 tablespoons lemon juice and salt and pepper. I formed the mix into 6 burger patties and baked them on a lightly grease baking sheet until golden brown on each side, I think it took 20 min on each side.

While the burgers were baking I made beet hummus by steaming 1 lb. of beets in the Instant Pot. Then I added the peeled steamed beets to a food processor with 2 tablespoons tahini, 2 tablespoons lemon juice and 1 tablespoon cumin to blend until smooth. I then assembled the salad with the romaine, chopped tomatoes, dollops of beet hummus, crumbled chèvre, balsamic vinegar and the burger crumbled on top.

Mushroom and Kale Dip

The market has a great mushroom ($4 bag which varies in size based on type of mushroom) stand so I saw this as a brilliant opportunity to recreate a dip my friend brought to one of my last bingo nights before I moved. We had this with cheese and crackers for lunch one day. To make this I tossed cooked beans and lentils, lemon juice, salt, pepper, poultry seasoning and sautéed mushrooms, kale and onion in a food processor and pulsed until it was a gritty hummus like consistency.

I will try to add the other picture on Instagram or to this post this week. I would love to hear and see your farmer’s market creations in the comments below or tag me on Instagram! 🙂 #FarmersMarketInspired

To end this post on a very real note, there is also a Jamaican vegan bakery one day a week at the market and this week I enjoyed a bag filled with mango passionfruit goodness in the form of something they called Caribbean tear drops. YUM! No picture because I inhaled before I even left the market. 😉 They reminded me of these Cuban pastries my mother-in-law gave us once, a pocket of juicy flavor in a small pocket of crispy pastry. ❤


Commuter Life

I wake up pretty early to catch an express train to get to work now, then I get home so late that I eat dinner and it is bed time before I know it. So my exercise during the week is now walking almost 3 miles per day going between work and the train station. I will do what I can to get in the most activity possible. Additional, how I eat throughout the day has changed up too.

At get up at 5 AM, I get dressed, wash my face and brush my teeth, then I am out the door to drive 10 min to the train station for the sunrise express train, a proper nickname since the sun comes up about 30 min into my ride. On the train I drink about 24 oz of water, take my probiotic and sleep as much as possible. When I arrive at the museum, I eat breakfast and get to work. I have lunch at the usual noon hour with my colleagues and leave with just enough time to catch the afternoon express train home. On the train, I continue to do work and have some fruit for a snack.

My first week commuting meals were:

  • Breakfast: Quinoa baked with whole milk, frozen cranberries and strawberries, cacao powder and cinnamon.
  • Lunch: Dal with brown rice at the beginning of the week and veganized summer corn chowder toward the end

IMG_20170604_112735_314          IMAG3915

  • Afternoon snack: Fresh peaches and strawberries
  • Dinner: French onion soup on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and Jack-O-Lentil burger from the Bob’s Burgers burger cookbook on Tuesday and Thursday.


So far it is not a bad experience and I feel like I am getting more work completed. I feel like that has a lot to do with having the opportunity to be with my partner everyday and feeling like my personal life is whole again. Aw, how sickeningly sweet of me to say, but it is true. I say this change has been amazing for me. Of course, at the end of this month there will be the change of no job. I believe everything will work out though. 🙂

Please share any changes you have experienced or are experiencing in the comments below. It can be empowering to hear how others over came their challenges. Hope you have an amazing week!

Travels – Atlanta

Recently, we traveled to Atlanta to meet the newest member of our family, our nephew. It was a great trip. We really miss this little person we just met and hung out with for only a few days. ❤ He loves to be sung to, found ice shaken in a cup to be the funniest thing in the world, and is growing way too fast. We are in love and have to get back to Atlanta ASAP! So glad we were able to make the trip and focused on getting to know the little one. Here is the break down of this trip.


Walking and a little yoga or stretching was mainly the only exercise during this trip. Our nephew loved to just be carried around in a upright position, but you had to keep moving! I walked hundreds of circles around the varies levels of my in-laws home just to keep him smiling. Additionally, we took a short walk as a family, I took a morning walk one day (the beautiful flowers above I spotted everywhere that morning), I stretched before bed each day and yoga one morning. The trip was an active rest break from my typical workouts.


With our nephew being so young and hating being in the car, we primarily hung out at the house or did things close to the house. We arrived in the morning on the first day. We ate lunch at the house, went for a short walk, played with some toys, picked up take-away from an Asian fusion restaurant and then passed out early from waking up at 3 AM to catch a flight.

Day two, I went for a hour long morning walk and returned to enjoy breakfast with the family. Until lunch we mainly just chatted and played with baby in between each of us getting ready for the day. We went out for lunch and to Target, then returned home to chat and play more until baby’s bedtime. We ended the day playing Wits and Wagers and chatting before getting some sleep.

Day three was pretty chill as well. I did about 20-30 min of yoga in the morning, ate breakfast with the family, helped my sister-in-law keep baby distracted in the car while we picked up groceries, ate lunch, played and chatted with baby, ate dinner, and played card games before bed.

Last day, I only had enough time to enjoy breakfast with everyone before heading to the airport. I took the MARTA, which offered me some beautiful views of Atlanta on the way to the airport. This trip is a good example of different priorities than most vacations. I was there to make memories with our newest member for our family and loved every bit it! He has already grown so much since he was born and we cannot wait to see him again this Fall during a family wedding in New Orleans.


Thankfully, my sister-in-law is a nurse and keeps things pretty healthy. Breakfast was hard boiled or scrambled eggs with avocado/cheese and salsa. Lunches at home were simple salads and our lunch out on day two was at Grub Burger Bar where I got the Hippie Chickpea burger. It tasted like falafel with all the Mediterranean sides on top, YUM!And yes, I also got a combination of onion rings and sweet potato waffles fries because it was my treat while I watched others down milkshakes. ;^P


Dinner was homemade from scratch bolognese over spaghetti and buffalo chicken and black bean nachos loaded with more veg than you would expect (corn, olives, greens, etc.). Day one, we picked up Doc Cheys, where I chose a sesame noodle special they were having at the time. It was very delicious and I was able to get it with tofu as my protein.

We did not really eat dessert or snack while we were there, since the meals were so filling and we were busy with getting to know our nephew. I felt like the chill environment and focus on creating memories as a family kept me from doing the typical vacationing with family eating… a combination between loss of appetite, over indulging too much and eating when you are not hungry because they are relentlessly offering you food no matter how much you say no. Any one else have this problem?

Preparing to Move

I am moving and although I have feelings of anxiety over the matter, it will be great to wake up next to one of my best friends daily and share our daily lives together. Also… looking forward to have all our belongings under one roof, no longer confusing where a condiment or pantry supply is and paying one set of bills!

We have been living in semi-neighboring cities for about 5 years now. Easy drive in 2 hours or less, however no decent place in the middle for each to commute from and too far for one of us to affordably commute from one city long term. Albeit, I get the joy of commuting 4+ hours a day for the month of August. At least I can sleep or do things on the train.

With the fact that I do not have a gig lined up after the last day of August and we will be moving again within ~6 months, we needed to make this move as cheap as possible to be within our means. Here are some steps I have taken to make this an affordable move for us:

  • Downsize. I have been doing this in a few ways:
    • Purge. Packing up to move is the best time to sort through one’s belongings because who really wants to not have to pack and haul everything.
      • In our case, we have duplicates between the two apartments. No one needs 2 toasters, 2 microwaves, etc., therefore I either sold, donated or gave away these items. I do not want to just throw things away when they are still good items. Plus, I made a few dollars and our landfills were saved from additional non-biodegradable waste.
      • I especially took this opportunity to take clothes/shoes/accessories that no longer fit or that I simply dislike to a resale shop and then donated what was left to a place like Goodwill. Goodwill recycles the items that are not in good condition, unlike most of the more accessible donation bins around town. Thus, saving our overflowing landfills again (I try to do what I can and after researching it, Goodwill seems like the best and most accessible option for donating with the least amount of waste, but please tell me if you know of a better option).
    • Sell as much furniture as possible. To avoid getting a truck to have to move ALL the things and to make a bit of money, we sold most of the furniture at my place through Craigslist. My dresser and TV stand sold within an hour of me posting them. Last thing I have to sell is my bed, which I have waited to post anything about to have something to sleep on for a bit longer.
  • Bring items with me each visit. Since I knew for a while that I would be moving back in with my partner and we visit each other at least once every 2 weeks, we have been working slowing to move things back. My last day in my lease I will only have a large suitcase to hop on the train with.

I have one week left in my place. It is bittersweet to leave this city and all the things I have grown to love here, but my future looks bright.

Natural Product Review – Shea Moisture Mascara

Sorry if you do not use makeup, but this is a product I really have fallen for and want to review it. I have to say, this is the most difficult beauty item to change for me. Mascara is something I have struggled with the idea of living without (I mean… I know I could, but I just do not want to). I use mascara 5-6 days a week and am strict about replacing mine every 3 months, especially after seeing friends get sties and pink eye from using questionably old eye makeup. Three months for using one tube of mascara is what my eye doctor recommends and seems to be the general consensus in the beauty community.

However, finding a natural mascara without all the junk for less than $10 is difficult. Most are over $10 and for how often I buy mascara, that is just not budget friendly. After narrowing down the natural mascara options due to price (which left less than 10 to chose from), I thought about what I really loved most about the Maybelline mascara I had been using for the past 8+ years.


Top: with makeup, Bottom: no makeup

My natural lashes are ok, but I really like how my eyes look with more voluminous lashes. Since my hair is dark brown, I use black shades to help them stand out even more. I also appreciate a formula that never flakes because having your cheeks dusted with black specks is not cute.

After reading a lot of reviews and hemming and hawing over the 2-3 options I had to choose from, I purchased the Shea Moisture Absolute Volumizing Mascara in black. I figured Shea Moisture got it so right with my shampoo, how could they go horribly wrong with makeup. So far, no regrets! Here are my pros and cons:


  • Silicone brush/wand. I know some ladies love them, but I do not. I have sort of become use to it, but honestly I still prefer a bristle brush.
  • Ball tip. The ball tipped wands seem to hold a lot more product than you need so they really just make you a gloopy mess.
  • Not as much volume as my old mascara. I realize it is better for me and it does improve the volume of my lashes, but I do not get ladies asking me where I get such natural looking fake lashes from anymore. Sad.
  • The brush of the Ultra Curl and Define mascara from Shea Moisture is the WORST. One time, my subscription of the volumizing mascara could not fulfilled since they were out of stock. So I opted to try the other mascara from Shea Moisture and that brush… messy is the best way to put it. I had to clean up so many smudges and my lashes clumped together a lot. I looked like Raggedy Ann. So much lash coaming needed. I used it for 2 weeks and pulled the wand from my old tube out, washed and disinfected it throughly and switched the wands. I feel like the formula must be the same and it is just the brushes that are different.



  • The formula/look it provides. I like how smooth and thick the formula is, so I can get the added volume I like. It also does not flake, or at least it has not done that to me. There was one comment I read where they stated it flaked.
  • Affordability. With the subscription online at Target (so that I have it automatically delivered to me every 3 months) it costs $8.62, which is the cheapest natural mascara I have found.
  • Accessibility. Always available at Target and Ulta, but I have seen it in a few other stores as well.
  • Cruelty free. No animals were harmed in the making of this product.


I have been writing this blog for a whole year. Sharing my life, product reviews and experiences openly through this venue has felt influential. I appreciate all the likes, comments and support from those who have read my blog. Writing has been a great weekly practice for me and I feel as though I have learned a lot about myself in the process. In addition, this means its my birthday again and I am excited to share with you how I celebrated.

What I have learned…

I really thought of myself for a long time as a weak writer and story teller. I had this assumption that because I had done poorly in a subject (in my case English grammar and literature) when I was in school that I could never write well. I feel that I can communicate my points and keep things concise.

I also thought I was not interesting enough. I do not live a very dramatic life nor am I a thrill seeker, but it seems like that is not what people are looking for. When I look at who I follow on social media and blogs, I realize I am looking to see how other people live to become inspired and feel secure in the actions and feelings I challenge myself on. I get the sense that others are like me in ways I was once made to feel was uncool. Learning from others and sharing myself has made me more confident with my intelligence, awkwardness and capabilities.

I do not let the haters in. I had a few not so nice comments through this blog and Instagram. I wondered how they would make me feel before I began this journey. I really did not think of the negative comments as something about me though. I feel they are more about the pain that person may be going through. Although, I wish they would find a different way to express their pain, I really hope things become better for them. I want a lovely life not just for me, but for everyone.

What I did for my birthday, affordable and balanced

I started this blog on my 30th birthday and tomorrow is my 31st year. I am someone who prefers a low key celebration with close family and friends, such as a BBQ that is focused on just bringing those I cherish together. I like some adventure, while I enjoy the things I love most (eating, moving and laughing).

This weekend my partner came to visit and yesterday, we ate like the French. A delicate pastry for breakfast, a steamed mandoo as a satiating lunch, a shared slice of Bavarian raspberry torte for our sweet afternoon treat and a healthy, hearty dinner of falafel beet hummus salad with a bratwurst. We focused on eating the delicious things that we would miss in this town.

As for activities, we explored a couple neighborhoods and worked on designing a computer for me, since the computer I have been using will be returned to the museum on my last day of work. My partner is a computer and electrical engineer, so he this is something he loves being able to show me how to do, especially because it can be a much more affordable computer. The first computer he built for himself lasted from 2009 until just a week ago… thats 8 YEARS! It cost as much as the last machine I purchased from HP, which only lasted 3 years…

As for tomorrow, my actual birthday. I am going to wake up and have a slice of cake for breakfast. Yep, I purchased a special slice of cake from one of my favorite places just to eat for breakfast on my birthday. It was one of the things I really wanted for my birthday and it only cost me $5. I will Instagram this beautiful slice for you. 🙂

Thank you for reading my posts each week and look forward to more on the way! I am looking forward to what this next year brings 🙂

Trying to Maintain Balance with Visitors

Recently, my sister visited. Visitors mean I can not stick to my plan as well as I usually do when solo or with my partner because I want to show her a good time. Not that my plan is not exciting, I just want to show her things around town that are incredibly delicious! However, I do not let a visitor turn my whole life upside down.


I woke up before my sister as I typically do before most of my guests. I have always tended to be the only early bird in my family and group of friends. So I was able to workout like usual. Even if my guests wake up at the same time, I either offer that they can join me or they are understanding and use that time to get ready for the day. I have never had anyone question me on why I chose to workout while they are visiting. Exercise is important for your health and I would never expect someone to pass on something so valuable to hang out with me an extra 30 – 90 min.

My sister was in town for a conference, so she had lunch meetings planned. We had some meals at home because she did not feel up to eating out for every meal. Thankfully not too many of my friends and family can afford to eat out every meal. I like to show my guests the town in the way I enjoy it, on a budget! So we might splurge on a special meal, but mostly we hop around from place to place grabbing an empanada here, a vegan biscuits and gravy there to enjoy bites from the best places in the city.


I try to find a balance between my daily life and showing my guest a good time. For instance, if someone wants to visit you and they plan their trip during a work week, they can not expect you to just take those days off. You want to be a good host, but people can entertain themselves. I never want to turn a friend or family member’s life upside down when I visit and actually prefer to experience them in their natural habitat and state of life. So that is how I play things when folks come visit me. You want to listen to what they want to do, while also letting them know when you have your own things going on.

Do share how you try to maintain some balance when people are in from out of town in the comments below!

Summer is Here!

The first official day of Summer for the Northern Hemisphere of Earth was this past Wednesday, June 21st. It is the longest day of the year for us North of the Equator. This is the start of my favorite half of the year. I live for the Summer and Fall seasons. The produce, weather, activities, etc. are my favorite! Here are some thing I am looking forward to this Summer:

Seasonal Produce

I can not wait for all the produce that Summer brings. I love berries (especially raspberries) and tomatoes which are now coming into season! Other vegetables and fruits in my region to look forward to are Cherries, Raspberries, Blackberries, Blueberries, Melons, Stone fruits, Cucumbers, Squash, Corn, Eggplant, Peppers, Tomatoes, Apples and Pears! Most of my meals during the summer are fresh and lack grains, which makes me feel more comfortable in the warmer weather. I feel like I crave more grains and fats in cold weather, while the Summer makes me want to eat lighter fare.



With my life changes in motion this Summer, I have been reassessing my goals both personally and professionally. To recap… at the end of July, I am moving in with my partner in his city about 90 min away and will mostly telecommute for my last month of work.

First, I have much I need to accomplish before I finish up my position. I want to complete my role in these grants the best way possible. Leadership is a feather I really want to work on in these last two months. However, starting September 1st, I am planning to take a full month off from working. Our human resources manager highly recommends you do this between jobs. Although I may have more than a month off from a full time job, I want to make sure I take appropriate time off to plan out my next steps in life.

Plus, I could really use some time to just be a human and take part in passions I may not have felt I had time for the past few years. Perhaps take some classes for fun (yoga, Spanish, pastry, etc.) or explore the Great Lakes regain more before we may move we or travel to see friends and family. I mainly want this time for myself because leaving this position feels overwhelming and emotions like sadness and bewilderment have been coming up. I want to respect those feelings.

Fitness Changes

Recently, I have not been feeling great during or after my runs. It could be that I just need new running shoes, which I am looking for now. However, I am concerned I may be pushing myself too hard to do something that does not serve me at this moment in time. I had bumped up my running milage, but I am taking a step back for now. This change, however, actually means addressing my mindset as a runner.

Before I started running, I thought folks were crazy to run in the rain/snow/heat or to run very long distances. After… I questioned whether I had an addiction to the runner’s high. I think it is more that runners that can develop this mindset, which can happen with other people demoted to an activity and wanting to push themselves. This mindset though, is best described as “if I cut back I will lose my progress and have to start over.”

I have seen with so many folks on YouTube, Instagram, and even my friends ‘in real life’, that change is good. Doing the same thing all the time can get boring. Your progress can become stagnant. Not taking breaks can cause injury. Pushing yourself too hard when you are not enjoying it can cause stress. I still love running. I do not want to get to a point of hating it. So I am going to focus on other forms of fitness for the time being (i.e. yoga, strength training and maybe cycling) that I am appreciating.

What are you looking forward to this summer? Share in the comments below!

Life Changes

Honestly, I am not in the best place right now. These emotions always rise when I experience major changes in my life: family rifts, moving away to college, transitioning to graduate school, or living alone for the first time. It seems to have a connection with feeling as though I have no control over my situation.

I am going to get straight to what is going on. My position is losing funding at the end of August. This is not uncommon with grant funded non-profit work. I have known this for a while, but was hopeful that new funding would come up or I might be able to change positions at my institution. Unfortunately, I will be moving on.

My partner will be finishing his PhD likely at the end of this year or early 2018. It may not be the perfect line up for a transition, but it should work. Part of me knows this will be good for us. Overall, I will be happy to have one home, but sad to be leaving my institution and the work I have been doing.

All these emotions have influenced me to make poor health choices, which in turn makes me feel like I need to push myself harder than I should. I have been bloated and uncomfortable a lot lately. Emotional eating borderline binging has taken place. I have been hard on myself. I am not making life easy on myself.

I am working on these behaviors though. I do not like feeling poorly. I want to be happy. I know things will work out. When my partner begins interviewing I will have locations to look for a job in. I can find a part time or online position until then. Most importantly, I should use this time wisely!

I want to set goals, perfect my resume, minimize our belongings, do some recipe testing, enjoy life, travel, hang out with family and move a lot in the sunlight! My current office has no windows, so I am really looking forward to all the vitamin D.

Do you have any recommendations? How have you dealt with these kind of changes?