Everything in Life is Falling into Place

It feels like everything is falling into place. One of the great things about life is how it always seems to work out, especially when you put the effort into going with the flow. Focusing on what was really important to me seemed to help manifest changes that are making me really happy.

My health seems to be in a better place. I am feeling better mentally and physically. My cycle is not only back, but becoming regular. My face is clearing up. Both signs that my hormones are balancing out. I also have not turned to food for comfort in times of stress. I love checking out all the farmer’s markets in the area with their beautiful produce. We are not bringing home so much junk food. I am enjoying short walks and yoga. I feel like I am returning finally to being active.

Being active is just one way my life is feeling fulfilled right now. I started an incredible job a month ago where I feel valued, working with an amazing team and love what I am going. The opportunities for growth these job offered has already led to a promotion! I am glad I am writing a blog about this because the next time life feels uncertain I have a reminder that life works out when you put good efforts into obtaining what you want.

My partner had faith in me and was so supportive of me this past year. I am so grateful for our relationship. We have been working to spend regular quality time (my love language) together and still have the feeling that waking up next to each other is the best feeling.

Keeping It Simple

In all aspect of my life, I strive to keep it simple. I may do a little extra for fun sometimes, but in general, simple is best for me. I prefer little to no detail, few ingredients to a recipe, a minimalist beauty routine, the least possible steps in a process, etc. I find that keeping it simple saves me money and feel as though I have more time for the important stuff.

Folks seem to be so caught up in having it all, but does buying everything you want make you happy? For me it took a long time to realize that extra stuff that is not necessary in my life makes me feel stressed and weighed down. I like having a simple space and room for dancing 😉 Most of those magazine or catalog like homes, just do not have enough space to get your dance on.

People tell us we should get this piece of furniture or that our place would look great with a decorative piece right there, but its our home and we like it simple. Additionally, I have owned my vehicle for nearly 10 years and lately people are asking when am I going to get a new car already, but my car is still in good shape and only has 81,000 miles on it. Why would I add to the bills I already have to own a car that is acceptable to others.

Here is the thing. If you get caught up is having it all and it is all the nicest stuff then how are you doing financially? The extra furniture, decor and brand new car others are recommending, cost money. My partner and I like to travel and want to own a home. We also feel like 32 years old is really late in the game for getting our retirement funds started.

That extra stuff only brings temporary happiness for us. Long term, we start asking ourselves, why did we buy this? What does this do for our lives? Why did we listen to everyone? Keeping it simple is affordable and maintains our happiness.

My Hormonal Acne is Clearing Up!

Since early Spring 2017 I have been dealing with hormonal acne around my mouth and jaw line. The specialist I saw said it will not clear up until my hormones return to healthy levels. I thought she meant when my cycle returned it would clear up, but it did not until after we moved to New York. I know if I had not been focusing on hormonal health that it could have been longer.

Sure there are products out there that help you get rid of pimples quickly, but if your acne is not going away since the cause is not being tended to then is anything really getting better? I was fortunate in that I know the cause of my acne. So while doing what I could to take care of my skin, keeping it clean and moisturized, I focused most of my efforts in following doctor’s orders to balance my hormones.

Acne is just one of many symptoms I experienced from hormonal imbalance. Which makes me ask about something I feel is a deeper issue. Why are we not taught, whether in school or at home, about our hormones? I know many people’s knowledge about hormones is limited to they can make us ‘crazy.’ However, if we know they impact our behavior and emotions, it should be a priority to better understand them.

I can not say I know everything, but I am learning now after experiencing problems that could have been avoided with better understanding of the subject. I will definitely be sharing more about what I have learned and the resources I am getting this knowledge from.

Feeling Beautiful

When I was younger, I really did not think much about my physical appearance until others made comments about it. Unfortunately, they were negative comments. Some were from kids at school finding a new way to pick on me and others from people close to me. That is in the past. My struggle with body image has always been because of others’ statements about me. Remember how I said I know I am effected by others. I recognize this is a way that is unhealthy for me. I wish it was a simple process to move away from that mentality.

I genuinely like my body. I like my shape with my bigger butt, muscular calves and feel like my boobs are in good proportion with my body. I like how my body looks with a bit of fat on my belly. I like my natural hair color and the hundreds of white hairs I have had coming in since I was 15 years old. I like how my irises have green freckles mixed in the medium brown. I like the cupid’s bow of my upper lip. There is so much I like, no truly LOVE about my body.

Lately I have been asking myself, why do I let others tear it down?