Doing What I Love

I worked a part time job what was not my passion for a month. It got me out of the house, I earned some money and I think I made some friends. The team I worked on was great and I hope we follow through with getting together for drinks or something. On the other hand, it was not a very professional work environment. There were a lot of inconsistencies in following company policy and employee equality was an issue.

Therefore, I was very happy to tell them 2 weeks ago that I was offered a job that aligned with my career goals. It felt good when they told me even though I was only there for a month that they loved me, I would be an easy rehire and they were sad to see me go.

However, the museum job I started this week is amazing and fills me with happiness! I am entering this institution at an exciting time of growth. I am selling tickets, resetting the exhibits, helping throw birthday parties and more. That could change after my first few months or year on staff, or once I have passed the probationary period to see if I am a good fit. So far I feel like I fit in with the other staff members.

I am in love with the passion and thoughtfulness of this place. The steps they have already taken to support the community is amazing. I am excited to be a part of this and learn over the probationary period about how I can contribute. It all feels meant to be. #HappiestGalOnEarth #DoWhatYouLove


I had experienced ticks when I was a kid from camping or hiking in Missouri, but had not really thought about them in a long time. Shortly after moving to New York state, however, I was reminded of ticks. They are a big problem here. Not surprising, the area is mountainous and foresty (are those words?). The biggest issue is that they can transfer Lyme disease and other illnesses that can be fatal.

All it takes to get a tick is to brush up against some foliage as you are walking. If that tick gets to your skin and attaches itself, you only have about a day or so before any disease it is carrying is transferred to you. So I thought I would share some information.

Tick Prevention

  • Use bug repellent
  • Wear light colored clothing
  • Wear pants and tuck them into your socks
  • Avoid brushing up against plants, trees or other foilage
  • Check yourself, partner, friends and children within 24 hours of first exposure to nature
  • For more recommendations, see the CDC website

What to do if you have a tick resources:

Senator Serino here in New York leads the task force on Lyme and tick-borne diseases and she even held an event for parents and children at the Mid-Hudson Children’s Museum. Many state and national parks have events too. These are excellent opportunities to have a professional address your questions and concerns.

Recently, someone we know’s child contracted Lyme disease as well as another disease from a tick bite she got on a camping trip. Thankfully, she is responding well to treatment. It is very important to know that you can still enjoy nature with the right knowledge about safety.

2 Years With This Blog

It is my 2 year anniversary with this blog! A lot has changed. When I first started this blog I planned for it to be focused on how I stay fit, maintain my happiness and save money. It has turned into just a blog of my weekly life, so I need to update the description a bit. Why did so much change? Life changed. I moved and wrapped up working at an amazing museum. I had challenging emotions I was dealing with.

All of this change caused anxiety, which in turn shifted my relationship with food and fitness. I started binge eating and to compensate I worked out more. I went from talking about getting healthy to becoming unhealthy because life has ups and downs. I had to pause from everything that is thought to be healthy to work on my health. While I have been doing yoga more lately, I do not prioritize working out.

My priorities have shifted. When I started this blog 2 years ago, working out and staying in shape were top concerns because I felt that was how to stay healthy. My beliefs of what is healthy for me have changed. I am focusing on what I want and living a fulfilling life. I am walking, cooking, eating, working, relaxing, exploring and trying to make some friends in our new area. So this is my life 🙂


First Period With Only A Menstrual Cup

Warning (if the title was not enough of a warning): I will be talking about my cycle. This post will even include talk about period fluid, blood. You have been warned.

A couple weeks ago I had my cycle (YAY!) and I was finally out of all the disposable feminine products I purchased from before I lost my cycle for 2 years. During those 2 years, I learned a lot about the waste problems we have here in the states and how the feminine products I had been using can effect my health. As much as I want to rant about how companies and corrupt people want to make money regardless of what is best for the environment and people, I will not because this post is not about that. My point is that I decided to change up my period game.

I quickly learned about menstrual cups and knew I wanted to give them a try. There are SO many options for menstrual cups. From researching Amazon reviews, YouTube videos and the product websites, I had a good idea that I wanted to try LENA Sensitive Cup:

  • Reusable for up to 10 years. Considering I used 20 tampons, 7 overnight pads and also 30 panty liners (thanks to lousy Playtex tampons) on average during my last few cycles, that is a lot less waste. Oh and do not forget these products come with wrappers and/or applicators.
  • Affordable, only $24.90 for a product that could last up to 10 years if I care for it properly. I have spent thousands of dollars on disposable feminine products since I got my first period around 12 years old.
  • Made in the USA. Supporting my economy and jobs for my fellow citizens.
  • Designed for sensitive anatomies. TMI ALERT! My vagina is VERY sensitive. I could feel my IUD strings moving in my vagina for over a year after getting it. Tampon removal when not complete soaked felt like I was ripping out my insides. There are few laundry detergents I can use on my panties without my vagina becoming irritated. Seeing reviews where women described similar issues with sensitivity and that they loved this product had me sold.

I used it from day one without panty liners, pads or period panties. I had mixed feelings the first day, but then day 2 changed it things to a very positive experience. Let me break down the experience by day:

  • Day 1.
    • I noticed my Basil Body Temperature decreased that morning and when I went to the bathroom, sure enough I had some spotting on the toilet paper I wiped with. So I inserted the cup for the first time and it was easier than I thought.
    • Peeing was interesting, it was like my urinary tract was pinched. I could still pee, but it was slow. There was a similar issue with pooping. Sounded like some, but not all experienced this according to menstrual cup reviews.
    • I had to do a lot of testing. Since I have an IUD, I want to make sure I am properly breaking the suction. In order for me to break the suction I have slide my finger up farther than the directions state. I read a lot of comments from women who dislodge their IUDs because of not releasing the suction. When I told my doctor I wanted to use a menstrual cup, they said, “GREAT! But a word of caution, make sure to have released the suction. It is not proven, but there appears to be a link to IUD issues and menstrual cup suction. For instance, the FemmyCycle cup should not be used while you have an IUD since it uses suction to draw in your blood.”
    • I irritated my vagina because I emptied the cup too often. So I gave myself a short break before wearing it to bed.
  • Day 2.
    • I could not believe how comfortable it was to sleep with. It did not leak and I did not feel it at all. I inserted it right before bed and then emptied it as soon as I woke up.
    • There was no smell. I always had some sort of abandoned meat market smell with my feminine products since I first got my period. It was part of what make me feel gross. When YouTube videos mentioned the lack of smell since the blood is not able to oxidize without the exposure to air. I was like, “REALLY?! Well scientifically, that makes sense.” Really, no smell.
    • No nasty, brown, clotty blood either, without exposure to air the blood will not oxidize and turn brown.
    • It was the heaviest day of my flow and I had to work standing for 5.5 hours straight. I did not leak, though my menstrual cup was more than half way full. You just need to empty it more often when you have a heavier day of your cycle. Thankfully, I made it through the full work day because this part time job has a disgusting bathroom.
    • I had some minor cramping just before bed and I am not sure if the cup contributed to me.
  • Day 3.
    • Slept with it in again. No leaking and comfortable.
    • As I stated on Day 1, I seem to have the issue of the cup straining/pinching my going to the bathroom. I was able to poop with it in, but it was slow and a bit uncomfortable. I experienced the same issues when I used tampons.
    • Made it through another work day without any leaking. At least it was a medium flow day.
    • Showered with it in, no issues there. It is not like it absorbs liquid so I just washed as usual.
    • I just really love that I do not stink. Usually, I feel like I need to bath my privates a lot or wet wipe every trip to the bathroom. It in like I am not on my period in this sense.
  • Day 4.
    • Another comfortable night sleeping without leaks.
    • 3rd work day standing for 5.5 hours without leaks or issues.
    • This was a light day so it was easier to take breaks from wearing the cup. When I took breaks I just used toilet paper in my panties, FYI or in case you were wondering.
    • This seemed to be the last day of my cycle. I only had a little spotting the following day.

Overall, I love it. I recommend it if you too are tired of spending so much money on feminine products or worrying if you have enough or generating so much waste. Though, I plan to get period panties or reusable pads as well because I think my vagina is just sensitive and needs to be able to take a break. Otherwise, that was the best period I have had in my life!

Getting Married

We do not want your typical wedding. We want quick, simple and easy. While it feels like everyone has let us know that we will regret this choice, we know ourselves. We do not need a big fancy party to celebrate the start of our marriage. We know that would make us miserable and look like we regret marrying each other in our overpriced wedding pictures. We have been told, “You have to:

  • have an engagement ring,
  • have engagement photos,
  • get married in a church,
  • have a Catholic ceremony,
  • have to wear a real, white wedding dress,
  • have at least 10 members in our wedding party,
  • invite everyone (including people you do not know at all),
  • have a cocktail hour,
  • have a full reception with food, dancing and speeches,
  • have a first dance,
  • have a 3+ tier wedding cake,
  • have do a bouquet toss,
  • etc., etc., etc.”

I always thought I had to have these things because everyone always said you had to, but honestly none of that makes me happy. Why pay for things that make you miserable to think about and experience. When I dream about marrying my partner, we are:

  • surrounded by the people we feel closest to (which is maybe 30 people each)
  • having a quick ceremony
  • eating amazing food
  • dancing in our living room to our favorite songs
  • playing (board, card, and video) games while we eat the best cake

It is very simple and low key. Although, we know the number of people we want there may be better accommodated in a large mansion, AirBnB or restaurant party space. My partner said that sounded perfect, but we have the obstacle of getting all our loved ones on board.

I wish it felt easy to talk to them about this. If we regretted not having the whole big wedding, then we would likely just have a big vow renewal sometime in the future. No part of me at this time wants to plan, pay and put a ton of effort into something we just do not want. It has been haunting us for years and we need to just come out with how we feel. We feel like we should get what we want for OUR wedding day. I hope the people who are closest to us know we are intimate, simple people and our idea is so us.