My graduate advisor is an amazing person. He taught me quite a lot even if I still failed the qualifying exam and never got my PhD. I made the right choice to go to Michigan to work with him.

One of the things he was so focused on were goals. I had them, but never really wrote them down and thought through them they way he wanted me to. He asked me about what I wanted from life, what all my interests, how important things were to me and to dive into what my priorities were. He also said I should reevaluate regularly.

In response, I came up with the following areas to consider:

  • Short term (within weeks and months)
  • Long term (within years)
  • Life long (self explanatory)

Then, I have some subcategories:

  • Family
  • Career
  • Happiness
  • Adventures
  • Plus whatever else I might come up with because your passions can change

Now this he always said it is meant to remind and guide you into the right path. Well, when it was determined that I was not going to get a PhD my goals had to change and that is when I looked toward my other interests and passions, which I included in my goal document I kept.

So lets get down to it!


  • Astronomy and space physics
    • Aurora activity
    • Solar impact on planetary magnetosphere
    • Stellar evolution
    • Galaxy evolution
    • Black hole formation
  • Sports
    • Personal activity: Soccer, running, softball
    • Professional: Soccer, baseball, hockey
  • Yoga – I am strongly considering becoming a yoga teacher, I have wanted to since I lived in Chicago and started this blog.
  • Geology
  • Atmospheric science
  • The relationship between mental and physical health
  • Family learning – how families learn together and deal with misconceptions

Short term goals

  • Research yoga teaching courses in my area
  • Help with museum improvements through experience, repairs, customer service, etc.
  • Start back up on Spanish and Japanese lessons
  • Lift weights twice a week and walk the rail trail 3 times a week
  • Clear out the pantry
  • Search again for a science related side-hustle
  • Finish reading the 2 books on my nightstand
  • Watch more baseball, even if it seems like we traded in the Cardinals season for the Blues Stanley Cup win
  • Call my grandmother

Long term goals (most challenging for me right now)

  • Develop something at work that stemmed from my ideas
  • Gain more experience in different areas of the museum (advancement and exhibits especially)
  • Figure out if I really want kids, then sort out goals around that
  • Take better care of my friendships to maintain them
  • Travel more (around my state, get the last 17 states I have not been to, Canada, Mexico, Ireland, Spain, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, etc.)

Life long goals

  • Always improve as a person
  • Think about it, then do the right thing
  • Be kind and positive
  • Try to do what makes you happy
  • Apologize when due
  • Explore every chance you get
  • Give every child in my life a better experience than I had

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