I am not okay, but I will be

Recently I had one of the worst weeks of my life and definitely the worst week of 2019. I am not ready to talk about it at this time. On top of it, I worked 6 full days in a row that week. It was a lot. I still feel not okay.

What is going on has returned me to the mentality that I had when preparing for my qualifying exam in my PhD program, life will continue forward regardless of the outcome of this trial I am experiencing. To cope, I have made small goals for myself, such as smiling as much as possible, dance again like I did for years around my apartment and try my best to deeply focus on work. If it was not for the wonderful people I have in my life… I am just reminded of how fortunate I am.

They have been my rocks during this time. They listened to me cry, made me smile as much as they could and reassured me of my strength. I can not possibly thank them enough for what they have done for me. It has been a tough few weeks. But they are absolutely right, I am strong and I will come out of this stronger.

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