Learning to Deal With Failures

This will be a short one as I had a rough week and honestly can not pin down what I feel like writing about.

Through my partner’s work we have access to a website called mequilibrium and it has brought up a lot of feelings for me. The website is meant to help you mentally by providing “science-based resilience training.” The most recent track has me reflecting on my failures and how I may not have handled them well. I now have a better picture of what to do in the future, but I can not help feeling overwhelmed by those failures. I am not depressed, but bewildered.

I do not even know what to say about my failures. Life moved on though and things worked out. Then yesterday, I saw a high school friend posted that she was recently let go from her job and in the same post she was so gracious about the opportunity she was given. Then she announced her next move. I hope I can be that strong when met with my next failure.

2 thoughts on “Learning to Deal With Failures

  1. Mark HUdson says:

    Decisions, decisions, decisions,,,there is not a right one. With that in mind you are stuck with the one you make, no matter what. Then why did you choice the decision you made? In all likely hood you thought it through in some way and then decided to do what you wanted to do. That is not necessarily a bad decision, just a decision, and how it works out is on you. It has been done, so MOVE ON, as lamenting about your decision recent or long past is a waste of time, but can be a very good learning experience, so learn, don’t lament. MOVE ON. KEEP IT SIMPLE, and you don’t need a website for that just a brain.

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