Habits That Have To Go Right Now

Over thinking. I did it a lot in my teens and early twenties. I do not need to get back into it.

Rushing to wash my dishes before work.

Buying snack foods we like just because they are on sale.

Waiting around to see if someone will join me for an activity.

Overly planning out meals for the week, it is nice to get out once or twice a week or just eat something basic.

Worrying about the status of my fertility.

Daydreaming, its a serious time sink.

Getting snippy with my partner because he got snippy with me due to the stress he’s been under. It just does not help the relationship to reciprocate in that way.

I evaluate my habits regularly. My goals in life are generally surround by being happy and a decent human being. However, I know that I can pick up little motions here and there that can hinder achieving or maintaining my goals. I think I am going to be more open about my goals again next week because I feel like it has been too long since I really thought about them. My recent journal reading and writing has me rethinking some changes I made in my late twenties. Its time to dive deeper into my long term goals.



One thought on “Habits That Have To Go Right Now

  1. Hudson Mark says:

    Overthinking is a waste of time and can lead to short term disappointments. Take life as it comes. Make the best of what it gives, and be great full for IT.

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