Living Life Fully

Since I started working full time, I have a feeling that I have not felt since college. Life and thoughts are spread among many things. I do not have just one focus going on. I am working 8 hours, spending time with my partner, getting into nature, leaving the apt for more than just a trip to the grocery store and just feeling good. It is fulfilling to be living life.

Since undergraduate, I have been hyper focused on some a feeling or action. Feeling like an imposter, wondering where I was going in life, questioning my relationships, researching food, trying to do all the workouts and letting it consume my life. Living should be your life.

The time I spent over the last year relaxing and trying to return to myself has really hit me lately. It is working. I am doing it. I have so much to look forward to.

We are planning another beautiful hike for today. Tonight is the season premiere of Bob’s Burgers. I am meeting museum members and visitors that are so different from those during the Summer months. I get to see family soon. I work with passionate people. Halloween, my favorite holiday, is a month away. I live in a beautiful and cool area. Life is full 🙂

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