Hiking the Hudson Valley

I lived in Colorado for an internship during my undergraduate years, where I fell in love with the mountains. I went for a lot of hikes, which allowed me to explore the most beautiful terrain I ever saw. I have not done enough hiking since then.

A couple weeks ago, I hiked Mt. Beacon here in the Hudson Valley. It reminded me so much of the beautiful hikes in Colorado. It took me 2 hours and 45 minutes to complete and it was tough the first half up. I knew I needed to do another one, I loved it! Last weekend, I scaled it back a bit because it was warmer so I hiked a simple 1 mile trail to the end and back. It was wonderful!

Today I am hiking to an area with a waterfall. If you find yourself in the Hudson Valley and you like to hike, check out https://hikethehudsonvalley.com/ for details on amazing hikes in the area. The outdoors are just beautiful and bring peace to the soul. At least that is how I feel. :^P

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