My Hormonal Acne is Clearing Up!

Since early Spring 2017 I have been dealing with hormonal acne around my mouth and jaw line. The specialist I saw said it will not clear up until my hormones return to healthy levels. I thought she meant when my cycle returned it would clear up, but it did not until after we moved to New York. I know if I had not been focusing on hormonal health that it could have been longer.

Sure there are products out there that help you get rid of pimples quickly, but if your acne is not going away since the cause is not being tended to then is anything really getting better? I was fortunate in that I know the cause of my acne. So while doing what I could to take care of my skin, keeping it clean and moisturized, I focused most of my efforts in following doctor’s orders to balance my hormones.

Acne is just one of many symptoms I experienced from hormonal imbalance. Which makes me ask about something I feel is a deeper issue. Why are we not taught, whether in school or at home, about our hormones? I know many people’s knowledge about hormones is limited to they can make us ‘crazy.’ However, if we know they impact our behavior and emotions, it should be a priority to better understand them.

I can not say I know everything, but I am learning now after experiencing problems that could have been avoided with better understanding of the subject. I will definitely be sharing more about what I have learned and the resources I am getting this knowledge from.

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