Keeping It Simple

In all aspect of my life, I strive to keep it simple. I may do a little extra for fun sometimes, but in general, simple is best for me. I prefer little to no detail, few ingredients to a recipe, a minimalist beauty routine, the least possible steps in a process, etc. I find that keeping it simple saves me money and feel as though I have more time for the important stuff.

Folks seem to be so caught up in having it all, but does buying everything you want make you happy? For me it took a long time to realize that extra stuff that is not necessary in my life makes me feel stressed and weighed down. I like having a simple space and room for dancing 😉 Most of those magazine or catalog like homes, just do not have enough space to get your dance on.

People tell us we should get this piece of furniture or that our place would look great with a decorative piece right there, but its our home and we like it simple. Additionally, I have owned my vehicle for nearly 10 years and lately people are asking when am I going to get a new car already, but my car is still in good shape and only has 81,000 miles on it. Why would I add to the bills I already have to own a car that is acceptable to others.

Here is the thing. If you get caught up is having it all and it is all the nicest stuff then how are you doing financially? The extra furniture, decor and brand new car others are recommending, cost money. My partner and I like to travel and want to own a home. We also feel like 32 years old is really late in the game for getting our retirement funds started.

That extra stuff only brings temporary happiness for us. Long term, we start asking ourselves, why did we buy this? What does this do for our lives? Why did we listen to everyone? Keeping it simple is affordable and maintains our happiness.

One thought on “Keeping It Simple

  1. Hudson Mark says:

    Yes, yes, yes,,,keep it simple. When you break it down the way you did it makes perfect sense. It is good that you and your partner are on the same page with that thinking, as it makes it much easier, to keep it SIMPLE.

    33 is not to late to start retirement planning, but starting now would be a good thing. You will be surprised how easy it is if you have a SIMPLE plan. OMG there it is again KEEP IT SIMPLE!!!

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