New Appreciation for Spring

I have always had a favorite season. Spring was never it. Fall and Summer were the seasons I appreciated most. I just love the warmth of Summer and the beautiful colors of Fall. Spring and Winter I had considered to be gross. Everything looked dead, the Canadian geese get aggressive, and sandy, salty debris covered the ground. Snow only looked pretty for a brief moment before cars drove in it, dogs peed in it and kids turned it into sad melty piles.

This Spring though has changed my feelings. The trees right now have so many hues of green mixed with beautiful pastel blooms and I can not seem to capture it in a photo (see my attempt below). It brings me the same joy that Fall foliage does. It is beautiful and jaw dropping.


What do you love about each season? Or do you have a favorite season?

One thought on “New Appreciation for Spring

  1. Hudson Mark says:

    I have always looked forward to spring as I feel it is beginning of sorts. End of cold, snow, nasty winter weather, short days , long nights, high heating bills, and the winter blahs.
    Let’s start over and get things back to “normal “, so to speak. This spring has been a little rough with pollen counts off the charts, that do really bad stuff to my sinuses . This to will pass, soon I hope as I do like the newness spring brings with it. Guess you just have to look for the silver lining, which I am going out to look for right now .

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