Curly Girl Method

The past 5 years I have been trying to be more natural with my hair. It is wavy, sometimes almost curvy. I did not realize, or accept, until graduate school that I have textured hair. I just thought I have incredibly frizzy hair, especially in humid weather. My memories are of it being a total nightmare. However, most of my friends would compliment my hair. So it was more just in my head, as it is for everyone.

Truth, my hair was so frizzy because I was brushing, blow drying and straightening my textured hair. I did not know how to care for my hair. Although, I am learning how to care for it, slowly. I figured out that heat and brushing is terrible for it while I lived in Chicago and I started using more natural hair products too. I just do not know what techniques to use…

Thus comes in the Curly Girl Method Handbook which is so far teaching me that I had a lot of the right ideas in mind, but yes my technique was off. My hair is healthier because of the efforts I made in using natural products and cutting off the damaging heat and brushing rituals. I have not been scrunching enough, cupping my hair in my hand and squishing it up toward my scalp. I also need a hair cut, at least twice a year instead of my once a year habit.

I also may be thinking about a trip to a salon rather than where ever is cheapest. I have never been much for going to the salon, it always just seemed like an over priced experience. Friends in Chicago who go regularly to the salon told me of prices $75+ and they paid that every couple months… that is just too much. I feel like if I have healthy hair, I should not need to get my hair cut or treated that often. Also, natural stuff should never be that expensive.

Now that I am on the right track to healthier waves, I just have to figure out the cut that is best for my hair.


2 thoughts on “Curly Girl Method

  1. Alisa Pacheco says:

    I wanna know more! Did you find a new hairdresser now that your living in a new State? How do you manage when you sleep on it not needing to brush it? What are your favorite products you use? how often do you wash and condition?

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    • reasonablyfitlife says:

      “Did you find a new hairdresser now that you’re living in a new State?” Sort of, I found one I would like to go to, but with my work schedule they do not have availability that works for me :/
      “How do you manage when you sleep on it not needing to brush it?” I have noticed that with having healthier hair, tangles are not much of an issue.
      “What are your favorite products you use?” I currently do not have a favorite product. I have been changing it up every time I purchase something new.
      “how often do you wash and condition?” It all depends on what my hair needs when I shower. The Curly Girl Handbook I mentioned above gives recommendations based on your curly type. I recommend reading it (I will admit I am not finished reading it yet) to figure out what is best for your texture.

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