Holiday Activities: Keeping the Balance!

For some of us, it seems like every day in December there are holiday treats and festivities around, especially at the office. My co-workers definitely bring in the most junk food during the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Usually to share treats they really want, but do not want to be left alone with in their apartments. I do not blame them, I wouldn’t either. On top of this, we hold a cookie exchange, holiday party, several potlucks and an outing to a local Christmas event in town.

For me, I digestively just can not do it all. After talking with friends, they can not do it either. So why do we do this to ourselves? Its fun to take part in the holiday festivities and you still can while also keeping balance. Last year I enjoy about one holiday treat a week and an activity (usually a free one). I have found that with making delicious, healthy meals 80% of the time, I do not feel as tempted to eat all the treats lying around and my budget kept me from going to every event as well.

I have thought about what I really enjoyed, and attending the zoo holiday lights or even just riding the public transit holiday bus are some simple and affordable fun that are right up my alley! Earlier this month, I rode the holiday themed ride home for the same cost as my usual trip, last weekend I baked some red velvet gooey butter cookies to enjoy with REAL, homemade eggnog and this week I will be heading to the Christmas market downtown with my coworkers for hot spiced wine.


I like to keep it realistic. Since it is too expensive to do everything and unhealthy for me to pile this all into one week. Do I sometimes indulge in a little more than plan? Yes, and that is ok because I will get back on track. It physically hurts too much not to. Also, remember it is the season of giving, so you will likely be spending more than usual. So once or twice a week I plan to enjoy the season’s jolly moments, especially if its free. How have you been enjoying the holiday season so far?


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