Post Bulk Update

Currently, I still feeling stronger than before the bulk, but tired from all my work trips. And although I have indulged a bit during these work trips, I have maintained weight and size since I last spoke of my bulk. My digestion feels much better from the switch to more produce than grains. The focus on protein and carbs through fruits and vegetables has me not experiencing bloating so regularly.

I have also stepped up my cardio routine and am up to running 4 miles instead of 3 every weekend. I was getting in 5-7 miles per week when I last spoke to you and now it is 6-8 miles per week. In addition I am doing a circuit of HIIT once or twice per week with my strength training.

Now with the conferences I have been able to keep up with workout out and doing yoga, but I have been also able to get in a lot of walking which likely has helped with any extra calories consumed due to the snacks provided.

I feel like I am on a good track to maintain my strength even with all the unhealthy opportunities over the past 2 weeks. However, I am looking forward to returning home today and eating as gut friendly as possible for a while. This week I am planning to consume sauerkraut, tempeh, sourdough bread, kombucha and maybe yogurt. Plus, I am going to try to not eat outside my meal times.

Hope you had a great week!

Traveling Again

Sorry, short post this week. I am amidst a lot of work travel again so I am hitting trains, planes and the road with my yoga mat and a new set of resistance bands. I will be staying with family or at AirBnBs for all my travel so I will get to prepare some of my own food as well as go out to eat. I love trying the local grub and staying active, especially when attending conferences.



Confluence Kombucha: I meet up with a dear friend for a walk and gut healthy lunch. We shared a Kombucha flight and I had Kimchi and Thai Green Curry soup! AMAZING! If you love fermented food, you should try this place if you are in St. Louis, MO.

4 Hands Brewing: Guava King beer and Mussels

In Minnesota, I am not quite sure yet where I will go, please do let me know any suggestions you may have!

Home away from home meals

Breakfast: Oatmeal made with whole milk, cinnamon and dried fruit

Lunch: Tuna with flax seed and rice crackers

Afternoon snack: Mango and kiwi

Dinner: Tofu tacos or Garlic asparagus pasta


I’m looking forward to playing around with these bands so I can better add them into the workouts I make up myself!


While in St. Louis for a conference, I have the chance to meet up with family and friends. Then in Minnesota I get to check out a Twins baseball game and maybe a musical performance. On top of these fun things I get to visit all the local museums, which I love to do!

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Sugar: Best Time for Consumption Part 3

Since I can not consume coffee nor do I want to take energy supplements, foods with sugars can help me power through an intense workout. I plan my weekend workouts to be more intense and tend to be the first thing I do in the morning. Actually, first thing in the morning is typically when it is most convenient for me to do all of my workouts. So I plan out my meals to increase my glycogen stores to help me get through those rise and shine workouts.

Sugars are carbohydrates (carbs) and you need them to fuel your muscles. I have noticed that carbs in the morning help me feel more awake and ready to take on the day. I do try to limit the processed grain carbs I consume, but fruit and vegetables I will eat as much as will fill me up. On top of providing me carbs for energy, fruit and vegetables provide much of the micronutrients I need.


St. Louis’ Finest Indeed! One of the things I ALWAYS indulge for when I visit my family, Ted Drewes. Now you can even get it at the airport!

Now, when I treat myself to dessert (more than just a piece of fruit), I will often line that up with a moderate to intense walk or run following immediately to burn off the energy. Especially since added sugars give me quite the rush and can make it challenging to sleep.

For instance, on Pi day (March 14th) this year I indulged in half a slice of pie some coworkers brought in around 2 PM and within 30 minutes could not focus on my work and felt SUPER jittery! I ended up going for a 2+ mile walk after work, which helped bring me down from my sugar high. My digestion was not in it’s best state, but at least I was not up all night.

Now it may sound like I should just start my day with dessert if I am going to have it, but that just makes me feel sick the whole day. I have also had folks tell me I NEED to be eating something before I workout, but I really do not have the time to eat something, wait for it to digest, get my workout in, cleaned up for the day and out the door on time for work.

Also, there are arguments both ways on the importance of breakfast first thing in the morning. Personally, I have found that not eating as soon as I wake up works well for my lifestyle. Let me clarify, I NEVER skip breakfast! I just do not eat it before my workout. Since I workout in the morning I need to refuel afterwards with something nutritious for my muscles to recover and grow. Even if I do not workout in the morning, I find myself feeling sluggish and irritable without breakfast until I get my lunch. #NotProductive

This is just another reminder to do what works best for you and what I have learned about how sugars effect my body.


Fruit is one of the great ways to get in carbs 🙂

Fitness When It Becomes Cold/Snowy/Icy Out

When I first moved to the city after graduate school, I just stopped working out regularly. Though I tried to eat things I thought were healthy and not over eat, I gained weight. I really was not moving enough. That was the Winter of 2013/2014 and it was brutal.

It may seem like winter puts a halt on fitness for some, but you can certainly still get a workout in. Heck, you can still run and walk in Winter, even with snow. You just have to invest in the right cold weather gear. I typically ask for fitness and running gear for Christmas. In the past 2 years, I only needed to buy my running shoes and one set of weights because folks were kind enough to purchase some gear for me. I have really appreciated the support and generosity because it has helped me feel great! Here are a few of my favorite outdoor Cold Weather pieces:

  • Under Armour ColdGear tops (preferably the turtle necked ones) and pants
  • Insulated running jacket with hood, mine is from Target and does the job well!
  • Running gloves
  • Hats with a flap for your ponytail
  • Ear band
  • Winter running socks
  • Yaktrax


However, even with all the right gear, I do not always feel up to bundling up for that chilly run/walk outside. Thankfully there is High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). I have to say it is not my favorite, which is likely why I save it for particularly horrible weather. HIIT burns a lot of calories in a short amount of time and is said to increase the amount of calories you burn at rest. One thing I like about it is that I can combined cardio moves with strength training and complete a full workout in 30 min

Some of my favorite HIIT moves:

  • Burpees
  • Jump Squats
  • Jump Lunges
  • Plank Jacks

Then the strength training moves I am really into right now are glute builders:

  • Weighted Deep Squats
  • Weighted Bridges
  • Deadlifts
  • Ninja Kicks

How have you kept up with fitness during the Winter months?

Out of Town Fitness Routine

Throughout September, I was out of town every weekend (plus many week days) and yet still was able to get in all my workouts. Since I workout at home, this is not too challenging to keep up while out of town on business or for pleasure, but it does change up a bit depending on what is available to me. For instance, sometimes an area I am in is not pedestrian friendly so I am unable to go out for a run and usually weights are unavailable. Thankfully, its usually easy to do a circuit training/HIIT workout like those from the Bikini Body Guide (BBG) when both running and weight lifting is not an option.

Since dietary needs are challenging to meet all the time when out of town, keeping up with my workouts is essential for me. Working out keeps my energy up and can help my digestive system move even when it have been given food it can not digest. Here is a breakdown of my September weekend workouts:

Milwaukee and Green Bay, WI


We stayed at an AirBnB that was in a neighborhood with a 1 mile loop for me to run around a few times and the apt had a weight rack.

  • Day 1: 4.5 mile run + 30 mins of lower body circuit training with weights
  • Day 2: walking and standing around for tailgating and the football game
  • Day 3: 2 mile run + 30 min total body workout with weights
  • Day 4: a lot of walking + 30 min of yoga


Austin, TX

The hotel we stayed at had a few treadmills, loads of weight machines, free weights and medicine balls.

  • Day 1: Active REST day = loads of walking
  • Day 2: Morning walk + 45 min of yoga
  • Day 3: 3.5 mile treadmill run + 20 min lower body weight training + loads of walking
  • Day 4: Active REST day = loads of walking + swimming in the hotel pool
  • Day 5: 3.5 mile treadmill run + 20 min upper body weight training



Did some at home workouts and a BBG (Bikini Body Guide) workout while visiting my partner. I also love running a local trail in the area.

  • Day 1: 5 mile run + lower body circuit training
  • Day 2: REST day! I just chilled at home with my partner on the couch most of the day.
  • Day 3: 2 mile run + total body circuit training
  • Day 4: Morning walk + 30 min of yoga + BBG W1 Legs and Cardio

Tampa, FL


Again I stayed in an AirBnB near the Bayshore Fitness path and there were a few weights in the apt. On the path I was able to do a 2 and 5 mile run along with some workouts using the stations set up all along the trail.

  • Day 1: Active REST day = loads of walking
  • Day 2: 5 mile run + lower body circuit training
  • Day 3: Abs + lower body circuit training + 30 min of yoga
  • Day 4: 2 mile run + total body circuit training
  • Day 5: 2 x 30 min of yoga