My Reset Week

This past week I decided to try to do exactly what I mentioned I like to do in my Motivation post, focus on pushing myself to get inspired. I just really needed to do something for myself to feel mentally and physically back in the game. It has been a couple of weeks of waking up tired, sore and listless. It is not as though I got nothing accomplished, but I was no where near my finest functioning self. So last Sunday I made a plan to work toward changing that.

Sunday, March 19th


Ran 3 miles, lower body strength training and Root chakra yoga practice

Personal growth

Journaled to set intentions for the week, this mainly consisted of creating a schedule like this. However, I did change it each day after thinking through goals and meditating on what I wanted to accomplish.

Monday, March 20th – Vernal equinox


Sacral chakra yoga practice and walking

Personal growth

I looked back at my long and short term goals. I considered what I had accomplished and any personal changes that occurred since last evaluating these and how they should change.

Tuesday, March 21st


Solar Plexus chakra yoga practice, Yoga for Cyclists and walking

Personal growth

Clean up my space, my intention was to remove thoughts and belongings that do not serve me to create a peaceful space at work and home.

  1. Cleaned and reorganized my desk and cubby at work. I threw out, recycled or repurposed objects, especially those that I just did not use or felt hindered my workspace.
  2. Went through all my clothing, shoes, accessories to collect items for donation. Then researched where to best donate them to.
  3. Cleaned my home.

Wednesday, March 22nd


Heart chakra yoga practice, Healthy Energy Flow yoga and long walks (4 and 2.5 miles)

Personal growth

Take time for myself and to spend for others. In the AM I got out for a walk and did exactly what I felt like doing. Then in the afternoon and evening I had a great chat with my partner and meet up with friends for dinner. I had not really socialized like that in a while and it felt great to see those friends again. 🙂

Thursday, March 23rd


Throat chakra yoga practice and walking

Personal growth

Meditate, something that I have been struggling to do well lately. I focused on clearing my mind of thoughts that do not serve me, like my self-hate kind of talk.

Friday, March 24th


Third eye chakra yoga practice and walking

Personal growth

Set those short and long term goals for the next 3 or so months. I want to grow as a person in my life and in my career, the only way I have found to do this well is to make myself conscious of what needs to be done and accountable to do it. I have a Google document that I keep track of these in and make note of the short term ones on my personal white board that only I look at everyday.

Saturday, March 25th


3 mi run, upper body strength training and Crown chakra practice

Personal growth

Enjoy every minute of the day. I babysat the sweetest little kiddo, chatted with friends and cooked something I love. It was all around a bliss-filled day. Perfect way to end this week.

Inspired by the New Year

Happy New Years! Hope you have had a marvelous holiday season with your loved ones and that your 2017 is getting off to a brilliant start. Although, I may not be one to set resolutions, however, I feel inspired at the start of each year to do things for my wellness. This keeps my spirits up after all the indulgent merriment of the holidays.

A Healthy Reset

I like to get myself back on track with my diet. I satisfied myself with more treats than usually over the last month, but now it is time to nourish my body with plenty of vegetables, protein and healthy fats. After all the heavily processed food, added sugar and excess carbs, I crave feeling my best again. This desire brought on a very strong determination that powered me through the sight of cupcakes and constant offers of sweets at work.

As I did last year, upon returning home from time with family I choose to refrain from all desserts and stick to 3 meals a day with maybe a snack in the afternoon. This is sort of Whole 30 style and really prevents me from developing a noshing habit. Noshing does not work well for me the constant digesting seems to make me feel quite lethargic. I think it is also important to get back to my typical dining routine that I know works so well for my energy levels.

Additionally, I try to eat foods to help balance out my hormones. Simple meals containing 20-30 grams of protein and vegetables containing or cooked with healthy fats. Such as cheddar broccoli scramble, pork loin with roasted brussels sprouts, vegetarian shepherds pie and homemade apple chicken sausage with roasted sweet potato wedges. I prepare everything from scratch and season the meats myself to ensure I am consuming clean, healthy food to fuel me through the processed holiday cuisine hangover.

Internal Reflection

I benefit from taking time to assess my mental health regularly and starting off the year with this practice simply feels right. I launch into this with mediating daily since it allows me to address my feelings and think through the priorities in my life. It also provides me the chance to check in with my short and long term goals to make sure I am advancing toward the existence I desire. This means searching for opportunities to gain skills and competencies in my career and give attention to concerns in my personal relationships.

Internal reflection, particularly, aids in relieving seasonal depression. Since moving to the Northern third of the continental US, I have noticed myself feel down during these short winter days. I see the sun in the morning on my way into work and that is it since my office does not have windows and sunset occurs prior to the end of the work day. This causes my vitamin D is low, inclination to be anti-social and feelings lack of interest in daily activities.

Fitness Challenge

I like to challenge myself to try a new activity, build strength or increase my weights. Last year the challenge was BBG and incorporate lifting heavy in my routine. I definitely completed BBG and only recently could say I have regular heavy weight days. A lot of learned from challenging yourself. Maybe you find a new thing you love, you build strength or you learn that something just does not bring you joy. This practice is crucial for me to keep myself stimulated by what I am doing.

In 2017, I really wish to work on being present in my activities. By this I mean I would like to focus more on how my body is moving and feeling as I am working out, running and doing yoga. I might fail a lot in the beginning, but I grow from this type of process and thrive from training myself. I will write a future post to update folks about my progress.

Do you follow New Years Resolutions? Or do you have anything special you do at the beginning of the year?


Gratitude Practice

With Thanksgiving approaching I like to focus on what I am grateful for in life. It is a good time start a gratitude practice, meaning something you do regularly to reflect on where you are bless in life. Last year, I started a journal where at the end of each day I jotted down at least 3 things I appreciated about my life and that current day. It helped me go to bed on a positive note and I found myself disconnecting before bed to make the time to write detailed entries. Occasionally, I rushed or felt drained, but the practice of doing this usually helped turn that feeling around.


This year I feel like I need this more than ever due to stressful events. So I am going to write a letter to someone I love and appreciate every week or maybe everyday… the frequency I am trying to figure out, but I feel like every week gives me the time to write something truly thoughtful. I will likely type out my letters to refine what I want to say, but then hand write the letter to send. I have plenty of stationary from college when I wrote a lot of letters. Plus, it is exciting to get real mail!

Through all the negative things I know I am so fortunate to have those who support and love me. Even when I am physically alone, they connect with me regularly and when I am lucky to see them in person they fill my cup with joy. Some of these people I am so blessed that they helped guide me from the dark places I found myself in during my adolescence that I hardly know how to thank them as much as I feel they deserve to be, which is why I try to be the best person I can be to show them I do not take what they did for me for granted.

Do you have or plan to do a gratitude practice? What do you do? Comment below!

Rest Day

I love being active, but I know that rest is essential within my lifestyle. With all the technology around and activities I do, it can overwhelm my body and mind when I go non-stop. It is important to mentally and physically rest to prevent that burnt out feeling. Although, I will admit, I do not practice this as often as I should. I can be very go-go-go! So I am partially writing this as a remind to myself just how imperative it is for me to incorporate in my schedule regularly.

Mental Breaks

It seems as though I live on my phone or computer between work and trying to stay connected with my friends and family back home. It can be quite draining to stare at a screen all day, not to mention it negatively impacts your sleep. I really appreciate the time without all the technology, where I am truly disconnected. It is rare when it happens, but so needed.

Nature and music really bring me peace. Although there may be so many moments where I want to share what I am are experiencing, the tech can distract from my leisure time. Like when Snapchat or Instagram run into an error or I do not have signal to send my videos or pictures. Plus, the beauty of that place or moment never seems to be completely encompassed by my social media posts.

While I was in Austin last month, I actually did not use my phone or computer much. I tried to enjoy my surroundings and the time I had with my partner. I scheduled time to be on my computer for working on the blog or writing emails, but the hotel did not have free wifi so I hardly used my laptop. Initially it was frustrating, but then so freeing. On my next vacation I may not even bring my laptop with me. I felt I could enjoy more and do just whatever I like. Usually, that feeling only happens when I go camping where the disconnection is forced.

Another mental regimen I do is meditation. I still feel like a beginner at this, but I just get into a comfortable position (either laying down without a pillow or seated on the floor with my legs crossed) and focus on how I am mentally. I may think through the things I struggle to letting go of or concentrate on what I am most grateful for. Centering my thoughts around what I am thankful for really puts my mind at ease and comforts me. This also resets my way of thinking when I feel like I am in a rut.

Physical Rehabilitation

Physically resting is necessary to prevent injury and help you recover from workouts. When we run, strength train, bike, etc., we are breaking down our muscles. Over using your muscles and joints does not allow the break down that occurs a chance to heal and become stronger. This is why nutrition and rest are your muscles best friends. They are key for rebuilding your muscles after a fierce workout .

So earlier this year I did BBG for almost 6 straight months, I also continued to run since Winter 2015-2016 was calm. I had heard that you should take some time off from your workout routine every 3 months or so, but I just kept going right on from BBG 1.0 to BBG 2.0. Big mistake! By week 18, I began to feel run down and things just got worse from there.

Then I came down with the flu for the first time in my life and it hit me hard. I developed chest congestion which kept me from running for a whole month. I knew you could develop pneumonia from running with chest congestion so I played it smart. There were so many perfect running days I felt I missed out on. When it seemed like I was finally in the clear to run, I pulled my left lat muscle during my last week of BBG 2.0.

Lesson learned the hard way. Your body needs that break or it will tell you it needs it through an injury or illness. A day or, even better, a week off, you will not regret! It will make getting back into your fitness routine exciting and satisfying. Now, I take a week off of strength training and cardio every 3 months. I am still active, I walk places and I do some yoga, but it is focused on gentle relaxation. I also eat really healthy during that week to give my muscles the nutrients they deserve.

How do you take breaks? And do you have a way you prioritize them?