Dealing with Feeling Exhausted

I had a 3 day weekend followed by a rough week and then one day off before I went back into my normal work week again. Only to come down with the stomach flu. I feel so exhausted. I was lacking energy by the end of the work day. I have been going to bed earlier than usually. My body is just tired, sick and I am trying to give it what it needs.

My partner is trying to do more around the apartment and we agreed to go out twice a week for dinner/lunch to help give me a break when I need it. I will also plan simpler, quick meals for dinner so I am not come home to work for what feels like an eternity. That is just one of the way I am adjusting for how I am feeling.

After I get well I will work on more. Stay healthy my friends!

Also, I just have to get this off my chest. We are New Orleans Saints fans in this household and WE WERE WRONGED! It would have been nice to see the Saints in the Superbowl, especial because they won the Superbowl our first year we were together. It would have been cool to say they also won the first year we were married.



So far in 2019, we have done a lot of rearranging. I feel like rearranging can give a whole new feel to your life.

Over last weekend, I rearranged the kitchen after living here for almost 8 months now. Man, do we have a lot of kitchen stuff we do not need and food we need to eat before it spoils. I also feel like the area is more streamlined for my needs.

I cleared out the things we got upgrades of from our registry and found this I forgot we had. For instance, I bought my partner a soda stream since he loves soda water, but he prefers the taste for a particular brand and has used the appliance maybe 5 times since I purchased it for him close to 5 years ago. Needless to say, that will be going.

In addition to moving around the kitchen, we also opened up a second high interest savings account this month. We are so grateful to have a decent income now and noticed way too much money was sitting in our very low interest checking account. We had already opened a high interest account at a different institution last year and have seen excellent profits in it over just one year.

This new savings account we opened will be our home down payment account. I would like to save extra than what we plan to use for a down payment so that we can spruce the place up if we need to or buy any new furniture or appliances we may need. Its a dream for me to own my own place and stop feeling like I am throwing money away on renting. I also want to feel like I can fix things I know I can easily repair and really make a place I live in my own space.

Have you rearranged anything and it made things better? Any recommendations?

Illness free for a whole cycle!

The tricks worked for this past cycle! Thank you to my friends for the advice! Knock on wood that the tips continue to work. I have not been sick since early December and more folks at work have gotten sick. Not to mention, sick kids are coming in every day. So I am VERY happy with the results.

I am now viewing it as not only do I want to prevent my getting sick, but that I want to prevent my partner, coworkers, museum visitors and people I come into contact with from getting sick as well. My wellness and habits can help all those folks.

I am hoping for another illness free cycle. I mean I know I will get sick again at some point, but if I can go as long as possible without getting sick that would be amazing! I will keep you posted.

Step Back From Telling Others How to Live

I feel like we get this so much and when I catch myself doing it, I feel like a crap bag. Yep, I curse when I am annoyed. Whether it is telling people how to spend their money, raise their children or lose weight, we all really need to just shut it.

For instance, there is someone who makes comments about how there is too much space in our home and we need to get things to fill it up more. We like having some emptiness, I consider it dancing and yoga space, while my partner sees it as his place to do his school chants and let his aggression out on the air when his team is failing him. We explained this to the person and they continue to make their same comments. What does it do to your life?

However, I admit that seeing things, such as unnecessary waste, can send me off the deep end. I am trying to get to a point of simply making a statement, but being careful of  when I do so and not directing it toward anyone. While it is important to me, I should not make anyone feel forced into following practices I am not even perfect about following myself. Also, I know if you really want to educate someone, the negative approach never works.

I say, you do you. As long as you are not hurting anyone and it works for you, then it is great! In summary, we should all save our energy to just be kind to one another and understand that everyone lives life differently.

My trip to Burlington, Vermont

About a month ago, I tagged along with my partner on a trip to the Burlington, VT office. I had planned a trip back in 2016 to Vermont that never came to fruition to see the famed VT fall foliage as a way to celebrate our 30th birthdays. So I was pretty excited to take this trip. I spent a lot of time solo, but it was a lot of fun.

1212181438_hdrWe drove up on a Sunday and checked out the Zero Gravity Brewery for dinner. The drive was beautiful and very scenic. The brewery made us realize that Vermonters must me very into IPAs. That is ok, but we are not so much. The food was amazing though! Highly recommend! We then drove to Church St to see what the hub-bub was about. It is a cute shopping area and we got some Ben and Jerry’s even though it felt like 20°. The last thing we did the first night was pick up some groceries from City Market.1209181802

Monday, my partner left for work around 7:15 AM and I did yoga and worked on our Christmas cards while watching YouTube videos. I did that each morning until about 10 or 11 AM.

I then drove downtown and parked in a car park which was free for 4 hours for the holiday season. I walked down to ECHO because I museum person has to check out local museums. ECHO was very cool and gave me a lot of ideas with my own institution. I loved the layout of the museum and the design of the children’s area was amazing!1210181230_hdr

1210181329_hdrAfter that I walked along the waterfront and then up to Church St to do some shopping for the holidays. Wow. Vermont has the local product game down! I was pretty impressed when we were at City Market the night before, but the shops along Church St and even else where around town were fantastic! I picked up some Christmas gifts and maple syrup for us before head to American Flatbread for lunch.

1210181446_hdr                                     1210181454a

Lunch was amazing! I got the lunch combo of a salad and personal size pizza which was covered in locally made toppings. I also enjoyed a cider from my favorite place with it. After lunch I picked up some mini cupcakes just off of Church St to try. I think we liked them all. My partner met up with me back at the hotel where we rested until we went for dinner on Church St.

1210181912_hdrWe got ramen and karage which were very good. The food in Burlington did not disappoint. I will try to include pictures. We walked around Church St because even though it was very cold, Church St is quite charming. Of course the holiday lights do not hurt.1210181944_hdr

Tuesday, I drove to the Lake Champlain Chocolate factory. It was cool and I enjoyed the samples. My lunch though stole the show. I got an everything bagel from Myer’s and wish I had bought more. The Montreal spice is a must. I got the cream cheese with the spice and have to pick up the spice next time we go to Vermont.1211181240

After bagel heaven, I stopped by the world’s tallest filing cabinet before exploring the second location of City Market. If I lived in Burlington, I would probably do all my shopping there. The quality of the food and all the local options available was just so impressive. Some would say pricey, but its a co-op, so get yourself a membership to make it more affordable. 1211181257_hdr

I also toured the Vermont Teddy Bear Factory, which was way better than the so called chocolate factory tour. My tour guide was amazing and the product they make comes with quite the guarantee. If only I had a kiddo to buy one for.1211181424

Our last night, I saved the best dinner for last. We went to my favorite cider maker, Citizen Cider. I was introduced to Citizen Cider at my favorite beer store in Chicago. The Dirty Mayor with its gingery taste won me over instantly and I just kept buying it. Getting to go to Citizen Cider was a real treat. I got to try ciders that I only had seen on the website and pick up of swag. That poutine we had for dinner though… wowza!12111818521211182007_hdr1211181855.jpg

Wednesday was not terribly exciting. I picked up groceries, got gas and then we drove home after his lunch time meeting. Overall, I loved how easy it was to drive around town, the walk ability of the downtown area, the street art, the quirkiness of Vermont itself, the kindness and spirit of the locals, the quality of life and left feeling like I am really looking forward to visiting again.1209181922

The Little Things That Bring Me Joy

Tearing the piece of card board off for the opening of a tissue box

Getting correspondence from folks: postcards, cards, letters, snapchats, direct messages, etc.

Crawling into a made bed

Twinkle lights

Drinking a cup of hot chocolate during the refreshments scene in The Polar Express

Feeling sunlight on my face

Resting in extended child’s pose after an expense yoga session

Seeing kids at the museum so excited that they run for the exhibits as soon as they enter the door

Hearing from my partner that he really enjoyed the meal I prepared

Taking small side adventures when you find an extra trail on your hike

Seeing the change of the seasons

Doing something thoughtful for someone else


Breathing in the cool morning air when I take a walk

Samples or small plates

Decorating for Halloween

Walking around shopping areas without buying things, I love the energy

Being outside

Eating a soft pretzel with most of the salt rubbed off

I could go on and on, but I hope all of you are finding joy in the little things today and everyday. Happy New Year!



Enjoying the Holidays

This year is different without going home to see family in St. Louis, but we are trying to embrace it. Enjoying the holidays to me is about not thinking over every detail of what, when or how we do things.

I have been busy with work, especially gift memberships. There have been so many cookies and cakes at work, one had me wired until I cleaned the whole museum.

We went to Vermont earlier this month for a few days (awesome experience) and traveled down to NYC for a night to check out the holiday glory all over the city. It has been fun, exhausting and different.

I do really miss my family though. Happy Holidays!


Last night I heard from my best friend that her dog died.

It was a typical work day until I saw my bestie’s text. My heart sank and I have been thinking of her non-stop since. I am also thinking about this possibly being the first loss their 2yr daughter will experience.

I recently was reminded of one of the hardest losses for me. It was a sudden death in the family. Someone so important to me. I tried my best to hold it back and to be strong for everyone else. I crumbled at the funeral. It is still something hard for me. I have had many losses at this point in my life and I accept that they are a part of life.

However, I do not choose to forget them or ignore them. When someone is so important to you, you remember them. And while it is sad that they are gone. I feel blessed to have had them in my life. Thinking of them might make me shed a few tears, but then I think of all the wonderful moments I have had with them.

*Uncle Andy and I sharing a birthday celebration every year and him telling me crazy stories from his adventures*

*Chasing my dog, Rosie, because she would never let the ball go once she got it.*

*My Great Aunt Helen giving us cookies and cutting my hair, while Great Uncle Stanley tickled me each time I gave him a hug*

*Aunt Marilyn making me breakfast when I stayed at her house and dancing to Christmas music in her living room*

*Dugan licking my hand with his little tongue forever and never letting his size be an issue*

The Trouble With Staying Well When Working With Children…

I have been sick WAY too much since I started this museum job. It has been occurring after ovulation each cycle and I am sick of it. I know my immune system takes a big of a dive then, but I never got sick this often before. So I have been looking into measures I can take to secure my wellness. They include the following:

  • Stay hydrated with water and herbal teas throughout the day,
  • Wash all reusable drink containers daily and disinfect weekly,
  • Wash hands or use hand sanitizer hourly at the very least,
  • Do not touch my face while at work (meaning you should use your elbow, a tissue or clothing to cover your mouth when you sneeze and cough),
  • Do not use hands to eat,
  • As soon as I get home, I should change clothes and wash from my hands to my elbows before doing anything else,
  • Have designated outerwear for work and wash it each laundry day,
  • Disinfect my entire home once per week (including your purse/wallet),
  • Eat plenty of nutrients like vitamins A, C, D, E, Zinc and beta carotene,
  • Move regularly throughout the day (A.K.A., get that movement or workout in),
  • Take time to relax daily,
  • and finally, get plenty of sleep.

Hopefully, I will be able to report no illnesses next cycle. If you have any additional tips, please share!


Short Luteal Phase

I have been tracking my circle for a year now since I got it back December 2017 as a blessed holiday present. I use ovagraph to track my fertility and read the book Taking Charge of Your Fertility, which completely changed my understanding of how my body works. I feel like every woman should be provided this knowledge. But I digress.

My periods have been irregular and I did miss one month (April 2018). However, my luteal phase has been short. Now you might be asking yourself, “what the devil is a luteal phase???” Well, a luteal phase is the time period between ovulation and your period. This is when the female body produces more progesterone than estrogen to prepare the body for pregnancy if the egg has been fertilized and is trying to embed itself in the lining of the uterus.

My body has either not quite healed enough for it to produce progesterone as it should or I am like some percentage of women who suffer from short luteal phases, which there may or may not be a good reason for. I am trying to see what I can do about it though. My research has shown that increasing your consumption of micronutrients such as vitamin C and B6 can help. Also, avoiding foods containing plant-estrogen’s, though overall research is inconclusive of plant estrogen’s impact on our hormones.

Note: All of the studies claiming foods like soy are bad for our hormones are funded by the meat and dairy industry and the interpretations are questionable when actually read the studies in my opinion. Again, I digress. There are many foods that contain plant estrogens or phytoestrogens, however, so how do I avoid them all?

I am not stressing about it though. I trust my body will heal as long as I participate in supportive activities just as eating whole foods as much as reasonably possible and practicing yoga and meditative exercises. I will keep you posted on how it goes.