A lot of my life right now feels uncertain. I will be moving in less than 2 weeks. I have only one Christmas present purchased for my niece (well 3 if you count a care package and my Reddit Secret Santa). I am waiting to hear back from an interview. I was rejected from half a dozen jobs this week.

I know that I have wonderful family and friends supporting me right now. I know I have a place to go no matter what happens. I know I need to get the rest of my sh*t packed up. My hope is that life comes together the way it always has in the past.

So bare with me… I may f*ck up a bit on posting.

One thought on “Uncertainty

  1. Mark Hudson says:

    Life is uncertain. No guarantees. That being said, look on the bright side, things can get better more easily then worse. With all the love and support you have from family and friends, things will get better. Maybe not as fast as you want, but they will get better. Just keep being yourself and moving in a positive direction, and surprise you will look back and say”made it!”

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