I was gifted a journal when I graduated from high school. I started writing in it when I first moved away for college and only remember to write in it now on a rare occasion. It contains a lot of my personal thoughts and surprisingly has no lock on it. I have only shown it to one person. After that I decided to keep it to myself, although I do not really hide it either. Just trust.

I was recently reminded of it by my coworker, she mentioned how she wrote in a journal everyday throughout high school until about 5 years ago. I had not written in it since March 2018… oof. So I added a new, very long entry and looked through the previous pages. Remembering some events and feelings made me smile, all the dating and hook up drama made me roll my eyes and a few thoughts made me cringe that I ever thought that way. I thought I was so grown up and yet I really was not.

It is an opportunity, as I see many things, to realize who I am and reconsider some goals. For instance, I feel like I should not cringe because that was me then. I developed from those mistakes, feelings and experiences. I wonder if I am just more laid back now. I certainly think differently. Of course, I have been in the same relationship for a decade now. Cheers to less drama in that arena.

I did have trouble deciding what to journal about now. I have this blog as a writing outlet, but what do I write to myself or no one. I also thought about what to do with the journal when I am done. If I hold on to it, someone would read it. Is that bad? Do I want to burn it to keep it private?

I think I made research a bit about journaling, maybe I can find a way to do it that will provide something more to life. Of course, if you, my reader, journal I would love to hear about your topics or style.

2 thoughts on “Journaling

  1. Katie says:

    I love to Journal. I mostly just chronicle my life and feelings but I let the emotions come out completely raw and real. I don’t sugar coat it no matter how ridiculous it sounds after the fact. It feels cathartic to have a space where I don’t feel judged. I also work out my very personal feelings and goals out to see what I really want and how my relationships are going (family, platonic and romantic). It does me good to get it off my chest and it doubly is useful a few days after I write it. Thats when I go back over what I wrote and see how I feel about it. I don’t burn mine but maybe when I’m old and gray I will. But for now, I like looking back on who I was when I was writing all of this. I can really see my growth from teenager to young adult to full fledged adult.

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