Breaking Routine and Letting Go

This will be more of a mental release sort of post. I need to just remind myself to not be so OCD and allow unnecessary stress in. Life is good and I want to be embracing that, so I am checking myself before I wreck myself!

I need a break from my normal and not just my daily routine of how I get myself ready for work or for bed. I had been habitually being obsessed with planning and not following through with things, such as planning to go out on an adventure and changing my mind last minute. I have been keeping myself from doing things I love.

I also crave spontaneity. I want to not be so obsessed with all the plans and just go with what I feel like doing. Its was something I did a lot in Italy and I had wished while I was there that I could bring it into my non-vacation life. I can, so the only thing holding me back is myself.

I already have been changing up some things, like letting go if my morning routine is different from one morning to the next. As long as I feel good and get to work on time, then what does it really matter. All the undue anxiety I have caused myself has only set me back from enjoying life.

To detail what has been going on a bit more. I have been starting off my day stressed about following a routine so closely that I feel defeated if things get messed up, my OCD regularly has me thinking this way. An unreliable staff member at work has been stressing me out because I wonder if they will show or what mistakes they will make that day.

My partner has had to work every weekend for the last month, and while I should just not make plans that include him, I have let it cause me to just not do anything that brings me joy. I know it is not his fault, he just desires the opportunity to impress his colleagues and learn more useful skills for his job. I need to let him have some time and then we can spontaneously explore together again. I know he has been craving it too.

This blog post is more sharing that I recognize that I have veered in a direction I do not what to head. I know that by admitting to this, things could get worse. I could take it out on others or become depressed. This can also be seen in last week’s post as well. I am in need of some self-regulation and a revival. I know what I need to do.

3 thoughts on “Breaking Routine and Letting Go

  1. Mark Hudson says:

    Well, if you know what you need to do then do it. Simple. Routines are great, because they keep you focused, but don’t let them rule your life. Make a list, check things off as you go and if something doesn’t get done put it on next day list or forget it, as it may not have been that important. Be spontaneous, if you see something that interests you, DO IT, don’t think about, don’t check your list just do it.
    Ah morning routines, having one and using
    It for a guideline helps start your day right, but don’t let it rule your life. So what if you miss something, the world will not grind to a halt, or even slow down a little. Life goes on, and on, and on. Good luck and get out of the rut.

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  2. Katie says:

    I get really stuck in the negative mind space too. I took an hour meditation class last week that has left me with a new perspective and calmness I haven’t had all month long. Its been very stressful at work. I’m going to go more often so I don’t often feel bogged down by all of life’s little tedious tasks. Maybe something like that would be able to help you. Hugs!

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