I just watched this NPR YouTube video with Cookie Monster. It spoke to me. I have an issue with self regulation, especially when I am about to start a new cycle. Additionally, I have been purchasing treats and telling myself that I will share them with my partner later, but then… I eat my half early or the entire thing… oops!

I believe I probably treat or snack too often when I need to refocus on other things, like getting chores done or taking a walk. I should really update my to-do list and that might help me out. It is an easy solution. I am hoping to lose more weight slowly like I did in the Fall, but I have been maintaining rather than losing.

On top of that, I have realized recently that I buy too many groceries. My last Costco trip I cut back on items and it cut my bill in half. I feel like it was easier to use it all up too, since I do not like to let things go bad. Also, no one needs as many snack items lying around as we currently do.

It is F=funny how a 5 minute video with a Sesame Street character can help put things in more perspective for you and teach you something, even at 32 years old. I came up with a lot of solutions to my current problem from that. Thank you, NPR.

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