8 Days in Italy

Today is the last day of our trip and we fly home this afternoon. We just spent 5 days in Tuscany, mostly Florence, then have been in Rome since Thursday. Somehow I have done yoga every day. Not the at the time or how I normal would, but it really helped with the foot, leg and back pain from all the walking. I have written each day of the trip below.

Day 1: Saturday, March 23rd

We flew into Rome (FCO) and immediately hoped on a train into the city to catch a train to Florence. By the time we arrived at our hotel there was time to take a short walk, grab dinner, I did a short yoga video while my partner showered and then off to sleep. Here are a couple of our best shots:



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Day 2: Sunday, March 24th

We booked a 12 hour tour because having something structured to do seems to help us with jet lag (and melatonin supplements). Walkabout Florence has a “The Best of Tuscany Tour“. It was AMAZING! Sara, our tour guide, and Ricardo, our bus driver, were fabulous folks to be with. We left from the train station in Florence for stops in Siena, San Gimignano and Pisa with a stop at an organic farm and winery for lunch just outside San Gimignano. We loved every stop and want to go back in the future to explore each city more. We bought about half our souvenirs this day (including 2 bottles of Chianti)…



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Day 3: Monday, March 25th

Since my partner was coming for a conference, I had my first day solo. After having breakfast together and helping him find the way to the conference, I went to the Museo Galileo. I saw many cool artifacts, but the most notable was Galileo’s fingers and one of his teeth… O_O Then I did not really know what I was going to do, I like wandering about and just picking things on a whim. It works for me and it definitely did this day. I saw the Palazzo Vecchio on my way to the Museo Galileo and just the free parts told me I HAVE TO check out the rest of this place! It will likely be my favorite place from this Florence trip… I really hope to come back.



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Day 4: Tuesday, March 26th

I woke up with the intention of immediately getting ready to see the David. I was not able to get a reservation online, so I got there 20 minutes before the Accademia opened and got in immediately! Best time to go because the line was around the block when I left the building 30 min later and much longer when I walked by at the end of the day. Then, I just walked around the Duomo, Cathedral and Baptistry for an hour and stopping in the shops around it. I was waiting for the Leonardo da Vinci Museum to open. It was another quick museum, only took an hour. After this I was feeling a need for a nap, so I walked back to my hotel to do so. After a nap I grabbed a gelato and went to a 3rd reasonably priced, quick museum, the Museo Nazionale del Bargello. It was once used as a prison, but now is an art museum. I LOVED the porcelain produce! My day ended with an entire pizza, since it was more like my lunch/dinner, and a walk through some Italian fashion stores.



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Day 5: Wednesday, March 27th

There is always a day during your trip that does not go so smoothly and that was today. We went to the Uffizi and ate amazing paninis, those were the high points of the day. Otherwise, we argued, napped and went to a eh conference dinner.


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Day 6: Thursday, March 28th

My partner had to attend some conference sessions before we departed for Rome. So I walked over to see the Cappelle Medicee, where most of the Medicee are buried. On my way I found a beautiful market to walk through, it smelled amazing! Around 1 PM, we walked to the train station to grab a high speed train down to Rome. Once we arrived in Rome we immediately walked to our hotel to drop our things off, use the toilet, connect to WiFi, etc. We took a pre-dinner walk and yes, we did not eat lunch… I was happy to see the Coloseum and visit the Mouth of Truth, but so hungry. We had dinner at the hotel and it was 3 courses… I was so full.

Day 7: Friday, March 29th

We had a slow start to the day, but we made it back over to the coloseum and Roman Forum, where we walked around for 4 hours. We then walked over to the Pantheon, got gelato at Giolitti, walked to the Trevi Fountain and watched the sunset at the top of the Spanish Steps. We stopped back the at the hotel to rest a bit before getting pizza and cacio e pepe for dinner.

Day 8: Saturday, March 30th

We met up with my partner’s mentor today, who works at the Vatican Observatory! *Astronomy Nerd Alert* We got a private and behind the scenes tour of the Papal Gardens and Vatican Observatory! It was so fun and Father was so kind to take us around. I’ll add the rest of the pictures when we return. Tomorrow we leave for home and I will greatly miss this place.

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