Oh How Things Have Changed

Finally getting around to updating my blog information. At this point in life I feel like I was way too “fits-po” or “fitspirational” when I started this blog and had my head up my ass. I had just realized that what I thought I wanted was just what everyone else was pushing onto me. I was fit enough to get a 6 pack and it made me cringe. The body I was praying I had I got and I realized I loved my “average” body from before.

I now find myself back to the Bridget Jones form I had for most of my adult life. Sure, I could lose 5-10 lbs to get my doctor or others to tell me, “Good job!” However, being “a little bit fat” is healthier than I thought it was, especially mentally. I wasted so much time and created so much anxiety just thinking about being fit.

I feel like I was a phony, but when I started the blog I was in a better place because I had already realized being thin was not everything and doing Bikini Body Guide workouts that made me hate life was no way to live happily. I got my cycle back, I lost weight from disordered eating, life is beautifully imperfect and I still feel like generally I am a happy, positive person. So I am not a phony. I am just a gal living and trying at life.

I updated the text around the blog and my Instagram. Spring’s arrival is breathing into me and hopefully you will see that in my posts. 🙂 Happy St. Patrick’s day!

One thought on “Oh How Things Have Changed

  1. Hudson Mark says:

    Good. I never had problem with other you, before, so gong back there is probably a good thing if you want the benefits, rather then all the “other” stuff. Do what makes you happy, and live life.

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