We Got an Air Filter

Since moving to New York state, we have been congested, sick and surrounded by dust. I do not know if it has something to do with the building we live in, the area of the country or just how our daily lives have changed, but we figured we needed to give an air filter a chance. If anything I figured we would not have to dust so damn much.

First of all, the dust situation has changed dramatically. We wipe down for dust maybe every other week now instead of every other day. My partner also pointed out that you can no longer see it just floating in the air in the beautiful sunshine that comes through the apartment.

The dust was likely a contributor to our congestion. After it became too cold to open the windows and patio door, we realized we were blowing our noses to clear congestion 2-3 times a day. Now, it is only necessary once a day. And, not to be gross, but the color of our snot is very different. Less dirty looking.

Are you super healthy and free from all illnesses? No. We got the stomach flu and a cold since we got it. Maybe it helps with germs, but its not a miracle worker. The weekly disinfecting the apartment likely does way more for that. It did help with our chronic congestion and the dust problem though. We are at least satisfied with the purchase.


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