Yoga Everyday, Almost

Since getting married in the Fall, I have been doing yoga almost everyday. There were a few days when I was just too sick or too much else was going on.

I have been practicing yoga since high school, with some periods of down time or other fitness activities taking priority. I do not think I really stuck to a practice until I started following Yoga with Adrienne on YouTube ten years ago. She has just made it fun for me and presents it in a way that makes me feel like it is for everyone.

Yoga (almost) everyday has me feeling just as strong as all the weight lifting, HIIT and running I did when I started this blog. It is surprising to me, but I am also so grateful because HIIT makes me miserable and although I love running, it gives me shin splints because I have flat feet. No running shoe can completely prevent that.

I do not know if I will keep it up, but it is what I am doing for now and it makes me happy.

One thought on “Yoga Everyday, Almost

  1. Hudson Mark says:

    On vacation/business trip in Florida and just went for a walk around hotel and saw some people taking a yoga class and thought about you, then read your blog. I am not sure if I could go the yoga route but might consider it someday. I do go to the gym 4 days a week, and that is working so far, you have to have something.

    Sound like it working well for so keep it up, and good luck .

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