For the Love of Nut Butter

Have the things that bring you joy, that is what this post is about. I feel like I will scream if I see one more restrictive instagram post or youtube video.

Sure there are things we should have in moderation, but if you let yourself have them you will not binge eat them. I did learn this the hard way and part of my restricting was because of doctor’s orders, however, I now see I was going through something mentally and hormonally at the time.

I eat the things my doctor ordered me not to now without issues. Probably because I have a piece of chocolate now instead of the whole bar and that piece satisfies me until I want it again tomorrow evening. I let myself have it and it has made me want less.

So if you want that nut butter, let yourself have it (as long as you are not legit allergic). It is delicious.

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