Dealing with Feeling Exhausted

I had a 3 day weekend followed by a rough week and then one day off before I went back into my normal work week again. Only to come down with the stomach flu. I feel so exhausted. I was lacking energy by the end of the work day. I have been going to bed earlier than usually. My body is just tired, sick and I am trying to give it what it needs.

My partner is trying to do more around the apartment and we agreed to go out twice a week for dinner/lunch to help give me a break when I need it. I will also plan simpler, quick meals for dinner so I am not come home to work for what feels like an eternity. That is just one of the way I am adjusting for how I am feeling.

After I get well I will work on more. Stay healthy my friends!

Also, I just have to get this off my chest. We are New Orleans Saints fans in this household and WE WERE WRONGED! It would have been nice to see the Saints in the Superbowl, especial because they won the Superbowl our first year we were together. It would have been cool to say they also won the first year we were married.

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