So far in 2019, we have done a lot of rearranging. I feel like rearranging can give a whole new feel to your life.

Over last weekend, I rearranged the kitchen after living here for almost 8 months now. Man, do we have a lot of kitchen stuff we do not need and food we need to eat before it spoils. I also feel like the area is more streamlined for my needs.

I cleared out the things we got upgrades of from our registry and found this I forgot we had. For instance, I bought my partner a soda stream since he loves soda water, but he prefers the taste for a particular brand and has used the appliance maybe 5 times since I purchased it for him close to 5 years ago. Needless to say, that will be going.

In addition to moving around the kitchen, we also opened up a second high interest savings account this month. We are so grateful to have a decent income now and noticed way too much money was sitting in our very low interest checking account. We had already opened a high interest account at a different institution last year and have seen excellent profits in it over just one year.

This new savings account we opened will be our home down payment account. I would like to save extra than what we plan to use for a down payment so that we can spruce the place up if we need to or buy any new furniture or appliances we may need. Its a dream for me to own my own place and stop feeling like I am throwing money away on renting. I also want to feel like I can fix things I know I can easily repair and really make a place I live in my own space.

Have you rearranged anything and it made things better? Any recommendations?

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