Step Back From Telling Others How to Live

I feel like we get this so much and when I catch myself doing it, I feel like a crap bag. Yep, I curse when I am annoyed. Whether it is telling people how to spend their money, raise their children or lose weight, we all really need to just shut it.

For instance, there is someone who makes comments about how there is too much space in our home and we need to get things to fill it up more. We like having some emptiness, I consider it dancing and yoga space, while my partner sees it as his place to do his school chants and let his aggression out on the air when his team is failing him. We explained this to the person and they continue to make their same comments. What does it do to your life?

However, I admit that seeing things, such as unnecessary waste, can send me off the deep end. I am trying to get to a point of simply making a statement, but being careful of  when I do so and not directing it toward anyone. While it is important to me, I should not make anyone feel forced into following practices I am not even perfect about following myself. Also, I know if you really want to educate someone, the negative approach never works.

I say, you do you. As long as you are not hurting anyone and it works for you, then it is great! In summary, we should all save our energy to just be kind to one another and understand that everyone lives life differently.

One thought on “Step Back From Telling Others How to Live

  1. Hudson Mark says:

    Excellent point, but easier said then done. I think that to some point each of us is wired to share there opinion with others. This being said, ok make the effort, you mentioned it usually in one way or another may come out as negative. This unto itself has no benefit to anyone, not you or the person it is directed to.
    I take out my attitude on other drivers, definitely with the windows closed, so from my standpoint I am making a point. I am sure that I have never changed anyone’s driving habits, but I did put in my 2 cents, which in reality is all people want to do.
    This rambling is just my opinion, so you do not have to do it if you do not want to. Know what I mean,,LOL.

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