The Little Things That Bring Me Joy

Tearing the piece of card board off for the opening of a tissue box

Getting correspondence from folks: postcards, cards, letters, snapchats, direct messages, etc.

Crawling into a made bed

Twinkle lights

Drinking a cup of hot chocolate during the refreshments scene in The Polar Express

Feeling sunlight on my face

Resting in extended child’s pose after an expense yoga session

Seeing kids at the museum so excited that they run for the exhibits as soon as they enter the door

Hearing from my partner that he really enjoyed the meal I prepared

Taking small side adventures when you find an extra trail on your hike

Seeing the change of the seasons

Doing something thoughtful for someone else


Breathing in the cool morning air when I take a walk

Samples or small plates

Decorating for Halloween

Walking around shopping areas without buying things, I love the energy

Being outside

Eating a soft pretzel with most of the salt rubbed off

I could go on and on, but I hope all of you are finding joy in the little things today and everyday. Happy New Year!



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