Last night I heard from my best friend that her dog died.

It was a typical work day until I saw my bestie’s text. My heart sank and I have been thinking of her non-stop since. I am also thinking about this possibly being the first loss their 2yr daughter will experience.

I recently was reminded of one of the hardest losses for me. It was a sudden death in the family. Someone so important to me. I tried my best to hold it back and to be strong for everyone else. I crumbled at the funeral. It is still something hard for me. I have had many losses at this point in my life and I accept that they are a part of life.

However, I do not choose to forget them or ignore them. When someone is so important to you, you remember them. And while it is sad that they are gone. I feel blessed to have had them in my life. Thinking of them might make me shed a few tears, but then I think of all the wonderful moments I have had with them.

*Uncle Andy and I sharing a birthday celebration every year and him telling me crazy stories from his adventures*

*Chasing my dog, Rosie, because she would never let the ball go once she got it.*

*My Great Aunt Helen giving us cookies and cutting my hair, while Great Uncle Stanley tickled me each time I gave him a hug*

*Aunt Marilyn making me breakfast when I stayed at her house and dancing to Christmas music in her living room*

*Dugan licking my hand with his little tongue forever and never letting his size be an issue*

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