Why Did We Get Married After 9 Years Together?

So not a question I was expecting to get an email about through the blog, but ok. My answer. It is not a crime to want to do something that is perfectly legal. While I may be liberal in many ways, I can be conservative in others. I wanted to marry my partner a long time ago, but we felt that it would have to be something we did not want to make others happy.

Why did we get married now? Insurance and other silly bureaucratic things pushed us to do it before the end of 2018. Our taxes will be better for it. We also say these were great excuses to get the low key wedding we wanted. We were pretty happy with how it turned out.

In my personal life, it also seems to be of interest why I am changing my last name to his. If we have children, I want to have the same last name as them and my maiden name does not hyphenate well. Additionally, while I love most of my family, my maiden name still came from a person who deeply hurt me and I feel like changing it is a symbol of me move on from that pain. I get a lot of, “oh…” responses to that. It is the truth, though.

My opinion is that as long as I am not doing something unethical or illegal, then what is the problem? What does it really do to your life that I am making choices that only impact myself (and my partner who is consenting to them)? People fuss way to much about what other people are doing, especially when it has no affect on them at all. I am not angered by these questions, just expressing my thoughts on the matter.

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