Post Wedding, Halloween and Serious Sugar Withdrawal.

I successfully lost 10 lbs, my goal, before getting married last weekend, but with all the sweets I had between my mother’s birthday on the 25th, our marriage celebration and Halloween. Whoa… serious sugar withdrawals. I spent most of the week with a bad headache and sweets would only curb it for 30 min. I refrained from sweets for 2 days and the headache subsided.

I would say it was the first time ever that I felt I could naturally tell myself I do not want sweets because they are making me feel awful. It did not feel like torture cutting myself off from it. It was just an obvious and normal thing to do. This is just another moment where I see how I had serious issues with food and anxiety. I appreciate that I am making strides in better mental health.

Additionally, in working to lose the 10 lbs, I tracked my calories and would say, “Holy Sh*t! How did I do this for 2 years!? It is EXHAUSTING!” While I am reminding myself how many calories are in foods, I am so over it. It was amazing to take a break from it for a week so I could enjoy the festivities more last weekend. Although, I would like to continue feeling better with less aches and pains from the extra weight (these boobs are killing my back), more flexibility again and good digestion.

Therefore, it is back to tracking. I will enjoy breaks at Thanksgiving and Christmas. Plus, I am still giving myself 1-2 days a week where I can eat out or have dessert. On those days, who cares about my calorie out versus calories in. I just can not deal with the anxiety from the mental struggle I put myself through last time I worked hard to lose weight.

After Halloween, it was not just about cutting sugar and getting back on to weight loss. This week was about getting back to my daily life. Nope, we are not going on a honeymoon. The honeymoon stage in our relationship ended a long time ago. I was back at work on Tuesday and loved it!

We rather like being real and made the first week of being legally together special by doing a few extra things for each other. He made dinner 4 nights this week and built a bookcase we received as a gift. I let him take the whole week off work to play way too much video games and took in the garage and recycling bins. We were also focused on getting use to wearing a ring all the time. I forgot mine at home on Friday and he kept forgetting to put his on until lunch time. Its a work in progress.

Hope you have a great week. Happy End to Daylight Savings Time! Do not forget to fall back those clocks one hour if you are in the States. It took me ten minutes this morning to realize it was really 5 AM, not 6 AM.

One thought on “Post Wedding, Halloween and Serious Sugar Withdrawal.

  1. Hudson Mark says:

    Relax and enjoy yourselfs, this is a new stage in your life, so just go with the flow and have fun.
    I wear my ring all the time, and woke up one morning on vacation and did not have it on. Panic!! I stopped and thought, and remembered I had a really strange.dream, so I went and started looking in the bed, and there it was.

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