Quit Complaining

I get on this ridiculous complain train some times and I can tell I am starting to get there again. I have to remind myself that lamenting so much just makes me not a fun person to be around and also just negative. It is time to cut the complaining. I have a pretty good life. Sometimes I feel like I am only griping to try to relate to people. Other times I am venting from a frustrating experience and it turns into an endless complain train.

I am trying to look at the positive and remember that my relationships are important to me. I do not want to push people away by grumbling about life or others the entire conversation. It is so draining when you do this or when someone else does it to you. No one wants to be that person everyone is trying to avoid. So I am trying to do the follow:

  • Remind myself that just because others may be griping a lot around me, does not mean they need me to add to the negativity.
  • Keep track of how much I lamented.
  • Turn the gripe into something positive. For instance, _________ just makes me question myself, although they also send me nice cards to let me know they are thinking about me.
  • Lastly, if I catch myself wanting to or thinking about making a grumble to add to a conversation I try to remain silent until I can think of something more upbeat to say.

These strategies seem to help and I feel as though I am complaining a lot less than I use to. Please share any tips you may have!

One thought on “Quit Complaining

  1. Mark HUdson says:

    Good points, but not an easy fix. Like you said sometimes it is easy to get on the complain train, but not so easy to get off. I like your 4 points, especially number 4, as I think not reacting this way just adds fuel to the fire, kinda like the domino effect. All that being said it sounds like you have a very firm handle on the whole thing, keep it up,,because you do have a lot to be positive about.

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