Doing What I Love

I worked a part time job what was not my passion for a month. It got me out of the house, I earned some money and I think I made some friends. The team I worked on was great and I hope we follow through with getting together for drinks or something. On the other hand, it was not a very professional work environment. There were a lot of inconsistencies in following company policy and employee equality was an issue.

Therefore, I was very happy to tell them 2 weeks ago that I was offered a job that aligned with my career goals. It felt good when they told me even though I was only there for a month that they loved me, I would be an easy rehire and they were sad to see me go.

However, the museum job I started this week is amazing and fills me with happiness! I am entering this institution at an exciting time of growth. I am selling tickets, resetting the exhibits, helping throw birthday parties and more. That could change after my first few months or year on staff, or once I have passed the probationary period to see if I am a good fit. So far I feel like I fit in with the other staff members.

I am in love with the passion and thoughtfulness of this place. The steps they have already taken to support the community is amazing. I am excited to be a part of this and learn over the probationary period about how I can contribute. It all feels meant to be. #HappiestGalOnEarth #DoWhatYouLove

2 thoughts on “Doing What I Love

  1. srijan says:

    it’s really nice that you were doing what you love! i also read that you left college like at 18, which is kinda scary! i’m sure, it was a tough ride and i would love to know more about you and your story! i’m srijan! wishing you the best!

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