2 Years With This Blog

It is my 2 year anniversary with this blog! A lot has changed. When I first started this blog I planned for it to be focused on how I stay fit, maintain my happiness and save money. It has turned into just a blog of my weekly life, so I need to update the description a bit. Why did so much change? Life changed. I moved and wrapped up working at an amazing museum. I had challenging emotions I was dealing with.

All of this change caused anxiety, which in turn shifted my relationship with food and fitness. I started binge eating and to compensate I worked out more. I went from talking about getting healthy to becoming unhealthy because life has ups and downs. I had to pause from everything that is thought to be healthy to work on my health. While I have been doing yoga more lately, I do not prioritize working out.

My priorities have shifted. When I started this blog 2 years ago, working out and staying in shape were top concerns because I felt that was how to stay healthy. My beliefs of what is healthy for me have changed. I am focusing on what I want and living a fulfilling life. I am walking, cooking, eating, working, relaxing, exploring and trying to make some friends in our new area. So this is my life 🙂


One thought on “2 Years With This Blog

  1. Mark Hudson says:

    Life changes. Adapt and keep moving forward. From here it looks exactly like what you are doing, although no one even said it was easy. You are strong you have support so you can do it. Stay the course!

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