Getting Married

We do not want your typical wedding. We want quick, simple and easy. While it feels like everyone has let us know that we will regret this choice, we know ourselves. We do not need a big fancy party to celebrate the start of our marriage. We know that would make us miserable and look like we regret marrying each other in our overpriced wedding pictures. We have been told, “You have to:

  • have an engagement ring,
  • have engagement photos,
  • get married in a church,
  • have a Catholic ceremony,
  • have to wear a real, white wedding dress,
  • have at least 10 members in our wedding party,
  • invite everyone (including people you do not know at all),
  • have a cocktail hour,
  • have a full reception with food, dancing and speeches,
  • have a first dance,
  • have a 3+ tier wedding cake,
  • have do a bouquet toss,
  • etc., etc., etc.”

I always thought I had to have these things because everyone always said you had to, but honestly none of that makes me happy. Why pay for things that make you miserable to think about and experience. When I dream about marrying my partner, we are:

  • surrounded by the people we feel closest to (which is maybe 30 people each)
  • having a quick ceremony
  • eating amazing food
  • dancing in our living room to our favorite songs
  • playing (board, card, and video) games while we eat the best cake

It is very simple and low key. Although, we know the number of people we want there may be better accommodated in a large mansion, AirBnB or restaurant party space. My partner said that sounded perfect, but we have the obstacle of getting all our loved ones on board.

I wish it felt easy to talk to them about this. If we regretted not having the whole big wedding, then we would likely just have a big vow renewal sometime in the future. No part of me at this time wants to plan, pay and put a ton of effort into something we just do not want. It has been haunting us for years and we need to just come out with how we feel. We feel like we should get what we want for OUR wedding day. I hope the people who are closest to us know we are intimate, simple people and our idea is so us.

4 thoughts on “Getting Married

  1. Mark Hudson says:

    Yes, yes. It is your wedding, do it your way. That said, even if I am not one of the chosen few, you will be in my thoughts. Good luck and do it YOUR way, period end of story. Love ya both.

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  2. Katie Orf says:

    I understand. Its hard when your wishes and desires don’t match up to your combined families. I love the idea of keeping it simple. Love you guys lots. ❤

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