Part Time Jobs

I have not had a job since August. Volunteering helped me feel complete and it was a very cheap place to live in our previous city of South Bend, IN. However, New York state is expensive and I want to contribute to our income. My partner has a decent income, but we have complete sticker shock at the cost of rent, utilities, groceries and dining out. Everything is about double the cost.

Additionally, I have just felt weird not having income. I am not sure how to describe it, but having income from something you do empowers you. I feel motivated to do more with my day and it provides something special to me mentally. I wonder if this is an issue for spouses that stay home with the children. Do they feel like something is missing? We do not have children though and are just beginning to talk about how we should get married. I feel like it is important to not waste time. We should earn and save as much as possible now and then I could have the option to maybe stay home if it feels right.

Currently, I want a job. So I got a part time job that is not a dream job, but rather something to get me out of the apartment and feel valued until I find something that could be a career. I care about making a good impression regardless of whether I may keep this job for only a month or years. Therefore, I am taking this seriously and it is a chance to learn or improve my customer service skills.

Although, I had an interview this week somewhere I would LOVE to work! It is also part time so I could work both jobs until I find something full time or just feel like it is time to move on from the non-dream job. While I had a few people tell me that is horrible to take a job I do not feel serious about or that I am wasting this place’s time if I only work there for a month, I know this is what I need right now.

2 thoughts on “Part Time Jobs

  1. Mark HUdson says:

    Ahh, to work or not to work, and at what. Working can fill time or be personally rewarding, but you gotta have income, that is a fact of life. Looking for a job is a pain, but when you are employed you are a better looking job candidate so the not appealing job should be considered a stepping stone. Looking for a job, especially one that you want, is harder then doing a job, any job. Keep the dead end job as long as nothing comes along that appeal to you, and if you feel the more appealing job could eventually expand to full-time work, go there too..Once upon a time worked 3 jobs at one time, which I did not like but I had income until something came along that i really wanted. Just my thoughts and experiences.

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