Represent Yourself

People seem to have conflicts with how they are represented by others or representing themselves versus who they feel they really are. I am no different. I remember in graduate school I felt so offended by my friends telling me I was fair skinned. I tan well, however since having a skin cancer scare, I wear sunscreen everyday and so yes my skin is fair and has been since I moved further north. We also so not get a lot of sun up here nor do I spend a lot of time outside. This is just a small, physical example.

What I am really referencing is when you are nasty to others or complain a lot (do you vent all the time?). It is negative energy output. The question is, how do you really want to represent yourself in the world? A few weeks ago I made a post about treating others how you want to be treated and I want to expand on this.

It is not just about how you treat people and how you want to be treated, but rather putting the energy and person out there you want to be known for being. We are not perfect, so we slip up. It is quite important to me to do my best and try not to throw my emotions and troubles at everyone I interact with. I also think you can stand up for yourself without being rude.

I do not just want to have good stories to tell and be remembered well. I feel great when I connect with someone who puts out positive energy through smiling, complimenting, helping and enjoying every moment even when things seem challenging and stressful. Everything works itself out, you just need to find a solution and persevere.

I need to work on how I handle interactions during times of high stress. Last month, I had multiple break downs because I shouldered all of the burdens instead of asking my partner to help me. After the break down though, I felt foolish and did not even apologize. That is not how I want to represent myself. I know I can change the decisions I make in the future, such as asking for help and taking time to breathe. I can also apologize to those I have drained my negative energy onto.

This is just some food for thought. How could you spread the positivity?

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