Moving This Week

Oh man am I stressed. Taking a break from packing right now and reminding myself that everything will work out. Also, I am watching one of my favorite anime (My Hero Academia) to help chill out. When I first started writing this, I realized pretty quickly how sad it sounded. While reading back through it, I did not want to spread the anxiety and concerns I was feeling to my readers. So I started to look on the bright side.

By the time this is posted, 95% of the packing and moving out of this apartment will be taken care of. We choose pod storage moving and since the parking in the complex is limited, we hired movers to help us fill a Uhaul with everything but our air mattresses, pillows, the things we were told not to put into the pod and our personal essentials. We will be able to relax and clean the last 3 days here.

My mother is coming up to help me with driving to New York since I do not do will with driving long distances. We have also turned it into a road trip so we will see a baseball game, check out a zoo and a major college campus we have never seen before. I am most excited for seeing parts of the country I have never seen before, including rural Pennsylvania. I know not everyone would find this exciting, but I love to explore.

I will miss a lot about the Great Lakes area, but I am really looking forward to living in the Hudson Valley. I have been a nomad for nearly 15 years now, since I left St. Louis to head off to college at University of Kansas, and I can not say I regret it. I lived in Kansas, California (twice), Colorado, Michigan, Illinois, Indiana and now New York state! I do hope to find a place to settle down, but the adventure of living someplace new calls to me.

This calling makes us recognize how much physical stuff we have that holds us back. We got rid of a lot, but there is still much we feel we need to sever our attachment to. Like textbooks we will never use again because we look up everything on the internet these days. BetterWorldBooks is a great organization to donate books to. I think keeping a few mementos of your life can be great, but I am the type of person who is more about developing a story.

What experiences have I had that I can share with others. When I was an Undergraduate, I loved hearing everyone else’s life story, but felt mine had not be a happy one to tell. Instead of being jealous and retelling other’s journeys I set off to gain more of what I loved in life. So while moving our stuff is stressful, the experience will be well worth it.

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