Learning a Second Language

I have been meaning to learn Spanish since my partner is half Cuban and if we have children we want them to be bilingual. Spanish is a very practical language to learn and it would be a benefit to my relationships with his side of the family, but I have just not felt that passionate about it.

When I took French classes in high school, it was because I loved the culture and still do. I enjoy brushing up on French and loved practicing it with friends during my college years. Having that kind of joy and passion for something makes it a priority and can relieve some of the stress in your life. If I had the time I would love to learn German, Japanese, French and Spanish.

Recently, my partner and I have expressed a shared interest in Japanese culture. We love Japanese food, anime, how well everything seems to work in Japan, the quality of their products, their politeness and the gratitude they show in daily life. We feel that if we were to live abroad at some point in time, that Japan would be at the top of the list. So I started doing Japanese lessons on Mango and I am finding it to be super fun!

I really thought I would devote more time to learning Spanish during this time off. I feel bad, but at the moment my heart is just not in it. Plus, my partner is excited to learn with me and can not trick me into saying, “El gato orinó en la alfombra,” (The cat peed on the rug).

I liked practicing a bit of Spanish when I had friends or coworkers to practice with. Though I kept using French pronunciation at first. Practicing with family is difficult because they forgot to speak slower, felt uncomfortable telling me I wrote or spoke something incorrectly and Cuban’s seem to have their own dialect. With them all just use to everyone knowing Spanish and me not, they just went about speaking as they normally do. Which makes for a challenging learning environment.

I am hoping the area of New York state we are moving to has Meetup groups for practicing these different languages. Then hopefully I will also make some friends in our new area. Plus, with practice we can travel to more amazing places! That should be a motivation for me to learn Spanish, but at the moment Japanese is serving me well.

Jaa, mata! (See you later!)

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