Workout Update

February marked my 3rd consecutive period after having no cycle for 2 years. I have been slowly getting back into working out and thankfully had a 4th cycle in March. I intend to really take it slow because this is an opportunity to build my strength up first instead of focusing so much on endurance as I had in the past. My activities have included:

  • getting out more by giving tours at the museum, going to events around town or joining my partner on campus,
  • walking at least every other day for 20-45 min,
  • doing yoga 6 times a week for 15-30 min,
  • and trying to do two 15 min body weight resistance training sessions per week.

Honestly, the resistance training has been quite tough. I did one 15 min lower body session the Monday following my cycle and was extremely sore for 5 days. Almost a week later, I did a 15 min upper body workout in St. Louis the evening I joined my family at the gym. Since I felt like trying to get in yoga or another workout while I was home would be a bother, I just focused my attention on enjoying my time there instead. Moving in someway came naturally by hanging out with people (mostly in the form of walking and climbing stairs).

It was a great trip and I do not regret my lack of workouts. When I returned I got back into routine within a week, but did not do any strength training until later in the month when I felt up to it. Again I felt very sore after the first lower body workout. Although, my upper body workouts do not leave me feeling stiff and sore, just energized. Fortunately, Friday’s lower body workout left me invigorated and only a little sore Saturday. Yes! I will do more as I feel up to it and my body continues to respond well.

Sincerely, I briefly had those thoughts of, “a year ago I was in a much stronger place with my physical activity,” but I am so happy to be in this place. I feel blessed to have a cycle back, to have a chance to build a healthy mindset and have the opportunity to help out others. For a while there I was deaf to what my body was needed and it feels great be reconnecting.

“Never feel guilty for starting again.” ~ Rupi Kaur

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