Am I Really Busy?

Have you ever said you were busy, but really you just are acting like a hobbit for some reason or you are letting feelings overwhelm you or some other ‘lame’ excuse that kept you from having fun and stay connected to people. I feel like I have been coming up with ‘lame’ excuses for why I do not talk to people, go after more things or do more things. Inspirational moments like this always come to me with a good BBC documentary watching, I have been watching Life if you were wondering. I am on the Insects episode.

Back to my ah-ha moment. A lot of things changed this Fall, but the only one that had to change was a job change. I stopped saying good morning to my friend everyday. I stopped being my active self. I stopped doing anything with hair or makeup. I ate a lot of food, a lot. I feel like I wallowed and used travel to avoid doing things. I feel I could have done more with my life the past 5 months. And yes, BBC nature documentaries got me to realize this because animals, bugs, plants do and face so much everyday. Therefore what in the hell am I doing!?

I spent way too much time on the couch just this month. I was sick and my partner enjoys being at home in front of the TV for his birthday, but I could have been more active. I have not been taking care of myself or the apartment. I was sick for a week and a half. I also watched my partner complete the entire Legend of Zelda Breathe of the Wild game. Fun to see the story line through, but not how I like to spend my entire day.

I am done sitting around though and feeling useless. I have been a little active everyday since Tuesday, even if it was just 10 min of yoga or walking around the apt while reading because we had snow storms. I am trying to get out even with the snow and low temperatures since it is not like it will end when we move to New York. Time to live again no matter what.

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