Reading was never my thing, but in the spirit of the new year I have been thinking about all the things I wish I was more into. I had always admired my best friend and cousin for their intense love of reading. I felt like this passion proved to be quite valuable to them. I feel like I missed out on an experience for some reason. I also wondered if it would help grow my bank of knowledge or ability to imagine.

I always wanted to be the type of person who reads, but realistically I will just come into reading phases because I am not going to lie to myself. So it is not a goal of mine to read more in 2018, but I have been reading. In fact I already completed 2 books and begun to read a third one.

The total number of books I have read for simply the joy of it during my entire life is definitely less than 20, maybe even less than 10. Therefore, having read 2 books in less than 2 weeks is quite the change. It makes me think maybe I could be more of a reader. I just have to find the right books.

If I really had a goal for this year, it would be to escape all the technology more because those moments bring a lot of joy to my life. The books I read recently where all ones from my things still at my childhood home. A book series my mother thought I would be into because the title had my name in it and Little Women.

However, most of my reading has been done on my Kindle does not feel like I am escaping technology. Technology certainly is convenient. I think the important thing is that I am doing what makes me happy. That is my true goal always.

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