A New Year With New Opportunities

I just arrived to my in-laws yesterday to spend New Years with my partner and his side of the family. I am so happy to be with my nephew again. He starting to learn to walk and is turning 1 year old in 12 days! I feel blessed to have this time, especially because things will be different next year.

Given the time of the year, I find myself reflecting on how thankful I am that my partner and I are together after 5 years of long distance and being able to plan our future. 2017 was filled was a lot of changes and struggles that felt out of my control, but we have had much to talk about, research and plan.

I likely will not be working in a planetarium or even a science center. However there are a lot of other opportunities, such as libraries, state parks, history museums or even a museum down in New York City. I am flexible since I have a lot of passions. My partner and I also talked about me doing yoga teacher training or studying nutrition. With how I have seen many of my friends needing to adapt with the jobs that are available, I figured I would need to be open to other careers. My path to working in the planetarium was not straight forward.

My partner is seeing this in his technology career too. What he started working on when we began graduate school in 2009 is on its way out soon. The job offer he took allows for him to take professional development courses and learn more about the other areas of his field so he can grow with his field. It was amazing the opportunities this company will offer.

Any new opportunities happening for you this year that you would like to share? I would love to hear about them in the comments below!

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