My Binge Eating, the Truth

I have been binge eating. It is an unhealthy habit and I am trying to put a stop to it. I know I am doing this as a response to anxiety. I need to address the stress instead of escaping it via eating well past full. Realizing you have a problem is step one. Getting help regarding my anxiety issues is the next step. I am looking into though.

There are not a lot of options mental help in my area that we can afford, but I recently learned about the online tool BetterHelp that I think can work for my needs. I have to do something though. It is important for my health and healing. I also know that my mentality could be negatively impacting my hormonal healing.

This is something that has gotten out of control over the last year, but it is not a new habit. When family drama heightened over the holidays I used the buffet of holiday meals to distract me and keep my mouth shut. Though, as soon as the food was put away I was free to speak my mind. Eating is out a temporary fix.

Currently, I have been buying and making too much food and using the excuse of not wanting to waste anything. It is just an excuse though. There have been many things I could have froze to eat another day or items I could have just not made.

3 thoughts on “My Binge Eating, the Truth

  1. Mark Hudson says:

    Stress sucks and plays really bad tricks on every part of your mind and body. A little trick I learned years ago in rehab is so simple it is almost unbelievable.
    I close my eyes get in a nice relaxed position, laying on the bed or in a recliner, I then start to relax my body a portion at a time. I start with my feet, then my calves, my thighs, my midsection, etc, etc until I am totally relaxed ( about 8-12 minutes ). Now here is the trick, When I am in my totally relaxed state, I “transport” myself to a place that is free from all stress or anxiety, and just focus on that one spot in space. I use the place of laying in a rowboat, on a nice quiet lake, with the sun shining down on me, and the boat gently rocking. I usually stay with my eyes closed for about 10-15 minutes, but when I finally open my eyes I am totally relaxed and the stress is gone. Works for me.

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