What I Ate This Week (11/23 – 11/29/2017)

Oh man was I bad over the holiday… Its okay though. I got home and went right back to eating my usual.


Apples + Yogurt + Walnuts + Cinnamon + 4 double chocolate cookies + pita chips – the last two items were from me giving in due to the stress of my partner’s grandmother criticizing me…

Apple + a pretzel + a Sciacca sausage stuffed pretzel from Gus’s Pretzels


Cheese + carrots + 1/2 PB&J OR 1/2 a Sciacca sausage stuffed pretzel

Maple pecan oats – Simple and filling just like breakfast should be. I cooked rolled oats with water, soymilk, flax, pecans and cinnamon, then drizzled about a teaspoon of pure maple syrup on top.



Thanksgiving with my family – Turkey + mashed potatoes + gravy + mac and cheese + broccoli salad + pecan sweet potato mash + green bean casserole + stuffing + roll + some black olives

Apple with peanut butter + Cheese

Sweet potato curry

Egg and Cheese square from Potbelly with a pecan pie Larabar


Apple beet carrot ginger juice + avocado toast – one of the days I followed it up with a cutie



Pepita and persimmon salad with leftover bacon wrapped smokies – half healthy, half helping my mother clean out her fridge.

Mom’s Special from Mom’s Deli with a side salad – this sandwich is my all time favorite food.


Baked Lasagna + one toasted ravioli + a slice of Italian bread with olive oil + a slice and a half of my partner’s King of the Hill pizza from Mama’s on the Hill – I am usually a Favaza’s gal, but they were closed on Sunday and Mama’s was great! Also we skipped lunch that day so I was pretty hungry.


Burrito bowl – another winner from Minimalist Baker


Lentil barley soup – I had all the ingredients and really wanted to get the barley out of my freezer


A whole lot of my Uncle’s rice crispy creation (this year he made a turkey from chocolate rice crispy treats) + Angel food cake + a few cookies – this was just on Thanksgiving… maybe my subconscious thinks, “put things in your hole to keep potential aggressive statements from coming out of it.”


Great Pumpkin concrete from Ted Drewes


Speculoos cookies from Aldi




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