Changing Myself

I have lectured my family on how to live their lives more than I ever should have. I have come to understand that has caused issues in our relationship and I am trying not to provide input when they did not ask for it.

I had a lot of thoughts, “Who am I to tell them how to live their lives?”, “Are they really hurting me with these actions?”, “Would they not learn a lesson on their own without me stepping in?” and “I love them and need to be more supportive.” I am seeing positive changes in our relationship and their lives. Butting out also has made me feel less stressed all of the time. Although, holding back a lot of thoughts makes me anxious and therefore have moments of binge eating.

On Friday, I wanted to give suggestions about how to plan out the day, my partner and family can feel overwhelmed by my desire to plan everything out. I ended up eating small bits of everything in sight and would pace the kitchen because I could not calm my mind. It is not always this challenging though. I am getting better with going with the flow.

I know my planning can be useful, but sometimes its nice to be spontaneous and open to change. Are you working to change anything about yourself to better your relationships?

One thought on “Changing Myself

  1. Mark Hudson says:

    Interesting. When I read your most recent post, I can relate to changing myself. I currently have my sister-in-law visiting for several days, and even though she is not my favorite sister-in-law she is a very nice person, but very much a person who likes her way. SOOOO, I decided that rather then fight things, and make life stressful on her and I while she was visiting, I would go with the flow. After all, when you think about it, it is almost as stressful visiting some ones home for an extended period of time as it is having someone visit. The visit is about to come to an end and my plan has “worked” perfect, neither of us are stressed out, and we are enjoying ourselves. When she leaves I take the hour or so to put things back to normal around the house, and any sign of her visit will be nothing but a memory.
    I see this somewhat as you explained giving advice to your family about, things that you did not really have any control over them following through with, or was just unwanted advice or even worst, criticism, of there lifestyle.
    I think it sounds like we have both grow up just a little and are probably better for it, except, I don’t compensate by binge eating, sorry.
    Enjoy your blog, keep telling the stories, and other helpful hints.

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