What I Ate This Week (11/2 – 11/8/2017)

One week of eating better and I am already 5 lbs lighter. No sweets, no fried foods, less grains and a f*ck load of vegetables. I needed a couple months from the time I started this to get my mind right to do this for myself. I am worth it.


Rum raisin oats and green juice – so glad these oats are gone, they were nothing like the awesomeness of the bailey’s oats.

Spiced carrot juice and Soft boiled egg on an english muffin



Veggie sandwich – same as last week – 2 slices of oat nut bread + hummus + olive tapenade + avocado + spinach + cucumber + radish + roasted bell pepper + tomato

Salad – everything from between the bread of the veggie sandwich + more spinach + balsamic vinegar

I also had apple nachos with these each day.



Vegetarian Poutine – baked potato fries (400 degrees F, salt them, separate them out to not touch each other on a silpat mat, no oil)  + mushroom and onion gravy + cheese curds

Tapas at our favorite local restaurant – Chop salad + Cajun edamame + Lamp pops + Pork belly mac and cheese

Stir Fry – a recipe testing gig that was excellent

Curried Lentil and Sweet Potato Bowl



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